Kerala Banana Chips | Beyond Snacks

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About Kerala Banana Chips: Authentic Kerala Banana Chips are manufactured from the Nendran banana species, which is only found in Kerala. This distinguishes Kerala Banana Chips. Because of its thick meat, long build, and significant nutritional benefits, Nendran is known as the King of Bananas. It is notably known for its prebiotic characteristics. Kerala Banana … Read more

TagZ Popped Potato Chips | TagZ Foods

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What TagZ Foods is About: #LIVTASTE #LIVACTIVE #LIVOUTDOORS #SUSTAINABLESNACKING When we think of snacks, we think taste! When we think of life, we think active and outdoors! TagZ uses cutting-edge food tech to craft uber-premium and innovative snacking experiences for those who think with their taste buds and are also smart enough to understand the … Read more

Momo Mami | BluePine Foods

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Bluepine Foods is a Young,  Convenient, Innovative and Sustainable Food Start-Up. In a Mission To Provide The Society With The Highest Quality of Authentic Cuisine Based On Traditional Recipes Handed Down From Family to Family. Bluepine Foods Convert Wide Range of Agro Produce into Momos & Dumplings with With Widest Range of Authentic Cuisine Based … Read more

Wakao Foods Products | Jackfruit Meat

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Wakao Foods is the first company in India to produce items from the superfood jackfruit. This Goa-based sustainable food company sells hand-selected natural items with the goal of helping the environment. With items handpicked from ethically farmed and sourced produce that is then hygienically processed and packed, the brand stands for establishing a better world … Read more

Youngineers STEM Toys with Educational Videos

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Youngineers manufactures educational toys and teaches those topics using interesting videos. All the products are manufactured in India. Priyansh is a person who is responsible person designing the toys and creating and editing the educational videos.  There are several sciences, math, and engineering concepts that can be taught with the help of toys. Youngineers use … Read more