Peeschute Unisex Disposable Paper Urine Bags | Travel Pee Bags

Peeschute is a product of good innovation and creation which is also a patented unisexual pocket toilet that can be used to urinate when attending nature’s call is difficult. That is why the brand Peeschute got an opportunity to pitch their business idea in the Shark Tank India show. 

Peeschute is a product that is environment – friendly which instantly solidifies human urine and turns it into an odor-free, non-liquid state to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Product Specification: 

  • Solidifies human urine odor instantly and traps
  • Leakproof, odorless, and hygienic traveling essentials
  • Eco friendly: Made of high strength, spill-proof paper portable toilet
  • Capacity: 800 ml each urine bag, can be reused (3-4 times) till full
  • An ideal product for health care issues and travel car /train

Peeschute Shark tank india product


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