Shark Tank India Product: Auli Lifestyle

shark tank india auli lifestyle

Auli Lifestyle Do It Bright gives the skin an overall texture improvement from the very first usage. This skin resurfacing scrub is unique in its formula as it boosts the health of the skin at a cellular level. Enriched with natural ingredients, this product is a gentle exfoliating scrub that removes the dirt and grime … Read more

Shark Tank India Products: Arriro Wooden Toys

shark tank india arriro wooden toys

Made with the sturdy material to offer the child complete safety and boosting their confidence as they explore their capablities Can be easily folded and stored. Water proof and child-safe paints help the frame to be easily cleaned and maintained. Three different height possiblities for the child to explore as they grow up. Can be … Read more

Shark Tank India Product: Skippi Ice Pops

shark tank india skippi ice pops

Skippi Ice Pops Nut, Gluten and Dairy-Free: A smart choice for classrooms and daycares. Foodies of every lifestyle can enjoy Skippi 100% Natural Freezer Pops. These frozen fruit juice bars are made without refined sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives! Instead, you’ll find 100% natural ingredients, ensuring each bar is vegan and sustainable for completely guilt-free … Read more

Hammer Lifestyle On Shark Tank India

hammer shark tank india

Hammer Lifestyle is a D2C and an FMEG (Fast moving electronic goods) brand dealing in fast-paced lifestyle gadgets. Established in 2019, Hammer launched itself in 4 broad categories- Truly wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, wireless earphones, and smartwatches. We have expanded our product portfolio to smart wireless and IoT devices. In order to provide uncompromising quality … Read more

Revamp Moto an EV Startup Raised 1 Crore | Revamp Mitra, RM25 Modular EV

shark tank india revamp moto

Revamp Moto develops highly Reliable, Modular, and Connected Electric Vehicles based on its Modular Utility Platforms. Their mission is to empower India’s hustlers while accelerating the transition to a zero-emission society and saving environment. This EV startup pitched in the shark tank india and Asked for 1 crore against 1% equity of their company to … Read more

COSIQ Intelligent Skincare Cosmetics

shark tank india product cosiq

High-performance skincare using effective clinical technologies with a focus on clean ingredients, functional actives, minimalist formulations, and real, visible results Clean & Honest Labels Breakthrough Formulas Right Ingredients Targeted Action Visible Results Scientific Treatments Approved by Dermatologists Cosiq pitched in front of the Shark Tank India judges here are the products.         … Read more

Bummer Underwear And Bikini

shark tank india product bummer

Bummer founder Sulay Lavsi pitched their business idea in front of the Sharks on Shark Tank India on 23 Dec 2021. The bummer is the softest and most comfortable underwear For Women and Men. The most important thing for Bummer is that they concentrate on comfortness.  After spending close to 2 years on R&D, our … Read more

NOCD Energy Drink

shark tank india product NOCD drink

Today NOCD (No Carbs Drink) pitched their business idea in front of indian sharks in Today’s Shark Tank India episode.  NOCD Energy Drink is a functional beverage especially developed for increased physical and mental performance NOCD provides a comprehensive formula for a stronger immune system, stronger muscles, active brain and quality skin and hair. NOCD … Read more