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Jhaji Achar – The Taste of Mithila was featured on Shark Tank India on 23rd Dec 2021 and the founders Kalpana and Uma explained and presented their Shark Tank India pitch very beautifully same as their product.


Kalpana and Uma have made pickles in every season, every year, for the past many decades. Their pickles have been loved, enjoyed, and cherished by family, friends, and visitors alike. Using traditional recipes, passed on to them from their mothers, and mothers-in-law, both Kalpana and Uma are experts in making handmade, sun-dried using natural, local spices.

Each recipe is unique and brings out a rich, pronounced flavor and taste in the pickles. It’s time to get excited as Kalpana and Uma bring their expertise in pickle making to a wider audience with their venture JhaJiStore.

Jhaji Products: 

  1. Aam ka Sukha Bharua Achar 250g | Dry Stuffed Mango Pickle without Oil Rs: 299.00

  2. Amla Pickle (Dhatri) 250g | Indian Gooseberry Pickle | Awale ka Achar Rs: 249.00

  3. Amra (Hog Plum) Pickle 250g | Amda / Amtekai / Ambazhanga ka Achar Rs: 249.00

  4. Garlic Pickle 250g Jar | Gota Lahsun ka Achar Rs. 299.00

  5. Garlic, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle | Lahsun Adrak Mirch Ka Achar 250g Rs: 299

  6. Grated Oal (Jimikand), Ginger, Chilli Pickle 250g | Suran ka Achar Rs: 249.00

  7. Karonda Ginger Green Chilli Mix Pickle 250g | Karonde Mirch ka Achar Rs: 299

  8. Kuccha Mango (Grated Mango) Pickle 250g | Kaddukash Aam Ka Achar Rs: 299.00

  9. Lemon, Ginger, Chilli Mix Pickle 250g | Neembu Adrak Mirch ka Khatta Achar Rs: 299.00

  10. Mithila Special Mango Pickle 250g | Bihari Aam ka Aachar Rs: 299.00

  11. Spicy Green Chilli Pickle | Hari Mirch ka Teekha Achar 250g Rs. 249.00

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