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  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Sun-Dried Blue Flower Tea is rich in Natural Antioxidants & Flavonoids. Hand-plucked & sun-dried on bamboo sheets for better taste and color. Low-Caffeine flower tea makes for a great detox & cleanses.
  • NATURAL COLORANT FOR FOOD & DRINKS: Used worldwide for making Iced Tea, Cocktails, and Mocktails. It can be consumed as a hot tea or can be paired with lemonade or other cold brews. It is a natural colorant for food items like rice, cakes, etc.
  • PRODUCT: Blue Flower Tea is an amazing taste of herb native to tropical equatorial Asia. Sun-Dried Blue Pea Flower Tea rich with Natural Antioxidants & Flavonoids is Hand-plucked & sun-dried for better taste and color.
  • HOW TO MAKE: Infuse 3-4 teaspoons in 150 ml of hot water. Steep for 2-3 mins to get the intense colour Optional: Add honey as per taste. Enjoy your Sip.

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