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MANETAIN Moisturising Shampoo for Daily Use Sulphate

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About this item

  • A luxurious hydrating shampoo formulated with plant derived cleansers.Deeply nourishes your dry scalp and dehydrated hair strands.
  • CG Safe: No more curly hair worries with CG safe products.Free from harmful chemicals like Sulphate and Paraben; Hasn’t been tested on animals
  • Helps the hair to hold moisture so it doesn’t dry out. Specially formulated for curly, wavy, dry and frizzy hair. Mild Shampoo for women, men and kids.
  • HELPFUL TIP: Massage gently on the scalp for a few seconds to remove buildup. Use it on the lengths of your hair to improve curl definition. Follow it up with the Manetain Hair Conditioner.Use it once or twice a month

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