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Youngineers manufactures educational toys and teaches those topics using interesting videos. All the products are manufactured in India. Priyansh is a person who is responsible person designing the toys and creating and editing the educational videos. 

There are several sciences, math, and engineering concepts that can be taught with the help of toys. Youngineers use interesting videos to explain all the concepts. There is also interactivity in Youngineers products, where children can ask questions directly to the instructor.

If anyone wants to access the educational videos on CDs, the company provides them as a youtube link to access the videos, customers can scan the QR code in the toy after purchasing it. 

Youngineers founder Mr. Priyansh has pitched his business in front of the Shark Tank India judges. 

Youngineers Products:

1. Youngineers Dynamic Maze, DIY Toy for 5-9 Years | Price: INR 599

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2. Youngineers Newton’s Disk, Wooden DIY STEM Toy for 7,8,9,10,11,12 Years | Price: 599

Special Features:

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3. Youngineers Word Builder and Spellings Toy for 3,4,5,6,7 Years, DIY Wooden Fun Games | Price: 679

Special features:

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4. Youngineers Mechanical Binary Computer, Wooden DIY STEM Toy | Fun Engineering Math Kit for Kids | Price: 949

Special Features:


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