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Revamp Moto an EV Startup Raised 1 Crore | Revamp Mitra, RM25 Modular EV

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Revamp Moto develops highly Reliable, Modular, and Connected Electric Vehicles based on its Modular Utility Platforms. Their mission is to empower India’s hustlers while accelerating the transition to a zero-emission society and saving environment. This EV startup pitched in the shark tank india and Asked for 1 crore against 1% equity of their company to the shak tank india judges.

Revamp moto has introduced a new and different part in the Indian electric two-wheeler market called SVA (Smart vehicle as an asset). Revamp Mitra and Revamp 25 are the two kinds providing a one-stop solution to B2C and B2B customers in the Indian market. Revamp Moto is a Nashik based EV startup that is India’s first modular utility platform. 

About Revamp Moto:

Details About Revamp Moto Products:

They have mainly designed two unique products so far now namely RM Mitra, RM25;

1. Revamp Moto RM Mitra

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RM Mitra comes with following attachment options;

Panniers Side Rack
Back Seat Delivery Basket
Food Box Modular Shop
Folding Table Front Rack
Custom Build an Attachment

Key Features of RM Mitra:

Technical Specifications of RM Mitra:

2. Revamp Moto RM25

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Revamp Moto RM 25 comes with following attachment options;

Back Rack Base Plate
Food Box Panniers
Delivery Cage Custom Build an Attachment

Key Features of RM25:

Technical Specifications of RM25:

Achievements of Ravamp Moto:

Final Words:

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity day by day not only abroad, but in India also. Revamp Moto is an example of this upcoming need. Due to environmental concerns, Evs are in much need. Revamp Moto is one such stepping stone towards the environment and has wide potential to grow in future.

Revamp Moto team shared their experience of Shark Tank India on the business podcast youtube channel Banter With Chetan. Watch the full video.

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