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About Kerala Banana Chips:

Authentic Kerala Banana Chips are manufactured from the Nendran banana species, which is only found in Kerala. This distinguishes Kerala Banana Chips. Because of its thick meat, long build, and significant nutritional benefits, Nendran is known as the King of Bananas. It is notably known for its prebiotic characteristics. Kerala Banana Chips are sliced into ultra-thin wafers to provide a superb eating experience.

Beyond Snack Product: 

  1. Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips- Healthy and Delicious savory Snacks- Original Style Salted Pack of 3- 450g

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  2. Beyond Snáck – Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips, No Hand Touch, Fully Automated- 2 Peri Peri & 1 Original Style, Pack of 3 (100 Grams Each)

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3. Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips -No Hand Touch, Fully Automated- Sour Cream Onion & Parsley Pack of 3 (100g X3)

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4. Beyond Snáck Natural Kerala Banana Chips Healthy and Sour Cream, Onion & Parsley , Pack of 6

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