Vs Mani and Co-Shark tank India season 2 episode 16

Shark tank india epsiode 16 vs mani

Shark Tank Vs Mani and Co

In this episode of Shark Tank India Vs Mani and Co, an authentic South Indian brand that offers South Indian filter coffee and snacks present pitch. Will they get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Vs Mani and Co
Founders Yashas Alur, GD Prasad and Rahul Bajaj
Ask ₹60 lakhs for 1.5% equity

Vs Mani and Co-Founders

Yashas Alur, GD Prasad and Rahul Bajaj are the founders of the startup. They hail from Bangalore. They met each other through a common workplace. Rahul has completed masters in marketing from London. Prasad had completed masters in marketing and advertising. Yashas has completed honors in Economics and Finance from Australian University. GD Prasad has 45% equity whereas Yashas and Rahul each have 14% equity of the company, 22% equity is with Angel investors and 6% is with family. GD Prasad works as CEO, Yashas operate as head of growth and Rahul looks after the operations of the company.

About the company Vs Mani and Co

Prasad used to start his morning with authentic Karnataka songs and strong, authentic and flavourful coffee during his childhood. And evening used to go with homemade snacks. Although there are many brands available for coffee and snacks in the market, for South special coffee and snacks, one needs to go to local restaurants. But Vs Mani and Co aims to change this. Among products they cover South Indian filter coffee and other snacks made from traditional recipes such as Banana chips, peanut chikki, etc. Their products are present in their own website, marketplace such as Amazon, quick commerce and supermarkets. Their vision is to make Vs Mani and Co a recognised authentic South Indian filter coffee and snacks brand. Filter coffee Decoction is their hero product. Chicory is blended with authentic South Indian filter coffee to produce flavourful coffee. Anupam is already an investor in this company. The company was started in 2020. Their customers come from cities like Bombay, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR.

Ask by the Owners Vs Mani and Co

The pitchers asked for ₹60 lakhs in exchange for 1.5% equity at the valuation of ₹40 crores.

Vs Mani and Co Sales And Revenue

Out of total revenue, 60% comes from coffee and 40% comes from snacks. In FY 20 to 21 total sales were 15 lakhs. In FY 21 to 22 total sales were 1.5 crores. In FY 22 to 23 till date the sales are 2 crores. In FY 22 to 23 their projected sales is 7 crores. The revenue on September 22 is 63 lakhs. A bottle of filter coffee decoction of 220ml is sold for ₹145. Almost 10 cups can be made from this bottle. So per cup coffee price is ₹14.5. The monthly sales is 63 lakhs and the burn is 25 lakhs. Previous fundraising of ₹3.96 crores was closed in March 2022 at the valuation of pre-money of 15 crores. Out of 85 lakhs for expenses 25 lakhs is for product costs, 33 lakhs for marketing, 5 lakhs for salaries, 7.5 lakhs for shipping, 14.5 lakhs for admin expenses. Out of total revenue, 85% comes from online and the rest 15% comes from offline mode. Repeat rate of customers is 30%.

Shark Tank Fastbeetle

Offers and counter offers

Namita gave an offer of 15 lacs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of 15 crores and 45 lakhs debt at 10% interest rate.

The founders give a counter offer of 19 lakhs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of 19 crores and 41 lacs debt at 10% interest rate.

Vs Mani and Co Final deal

The final deal was closed with Namita at 19 lakhs for 1% equity and 41 lakhs debt at 10% interest rate.

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