Very Much Indian: Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 2

very much indian shark tank

Very Much Indian Shark Tank India Season 2

Company name Very much Indian
Founders Manish Atri and Slony Baldev Gambhir
Ask ₹50 lakhs for 3% equity

Very Much Indian Founders

Manish Atri and Slony Baldev Gambhir. Slony born and brought up in Yeola. She has completed an MBA degree and worked as an engineer for 12 years. Her family has a fabric business and she has all the connections for her venture. Manish and Slony met each other in 2003, pursuing MBA. They want to do export-import work. They got married in 2008.

About the Company Very Much Indian

They brought the story of Paithani sarees, the queen of silk and a part of Indian heritage. This is an emotion gifted in India. The founders explained how people are still unaware of Paithani sarees. They want to take forward this weaver’s heritage. The scattered and unorganized saree market size is ₹38000 crores. There is no such brand present in e-commerce that revives these Indian sarees. The founders have worked on that gap. The brand brings authentic handloom and traditionally woven sarees from weavers to customers. Along with pythony sarees, they have revived a few other weaves such as ilkal, khadi, tussars etc. Their vision is to make the brand the most trusted traditional Indian saree brand. Vishnu Bhagirat Bhalere is their 63-year-old senior weaver. The weave can take from 6 days to 1 year to finish. Currently, they work with more than 400 weavers.

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Ask By Pitcher

Other information about the company- The sales in FY 18- 19 were ₹17 lakhs. The sales in FY 19- 20 were ₹20 lakhs. The sales in FY 20 -21 was ₹65 lakhs and the sales boosted to ₹1.5 crores in FY 21 to 22. The projected sales in FY 22 to 23 is 2 crores. The average ticket size is ₹10000. The gross margin is 35%. On average they sell hundreds of sarees per mon

Offers and Counter Offers

Namita gave an offer of 50 lacs for 10% equity at the valuation of 5 crores. Later Aman also joined the offer.
Piyush, Anupam, and Veenita stepped out of the deal.
The founders gave a counteroffer of 75 lakhs for 10% equity of the company at a valuation of 7.5 crores.

Very Much Indian Final deal

The final deal closed with Namitha and Aman at 50 lacs 14% equity of the company.




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