Trunome Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 41

trunome shark tank

Shark Tank Trunome

In this episode of Shark Tank India Trunome, a diagnosis and monitoring platform for chronic diseases presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Trunome
Founders Agragesh Ramani and Avinash Ramani
Ask ₹1.5 crores for 1% equity

Trunome Founder

Agragesh Ramani and Avinash Ramani are the founders of the company. They come from Chennai.
Avinash has a scientific background and he is from a clinical background. He has done PhD in molecular biology.
Agragesh has done MBA and looks after the business side. He is the CEO of the company.

About the company Trunome

There are around 2 lakh patients in India who suffer from chronic diseases such as organ transplants. This rate of patients increases by 40000 every year. Organ transplant is itself a painful and traumatic experience. Post-monitoring of these processes is quite expensive, painful and risky. To solve all these problems they had made a revolutionary technology called Trunome. Trunome is a patented technology through which chronic diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage and can be easily monitored. Other chronic diseases such as cancer recurrence can also be diagnosed at an early stage.
Features of Trunome,

  • parented technology
  • Detection and monitoring of chronic diseases through blood tests
  • They show results with 100% accuracy
  • US patent granted
  • CDSCO cleared facility

To date, they have tested more than 5000 samples, impacted more than 1500 lives and tied up with some leading hospitals. They have confirmed a tie-up with six hospitals in India. Their vision is to impact more than one billion people through Trunome, improve their quality and assure their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Ask by the Owner Trunome

Owner asked 1.5 crores rupees for 1% equity in the company at the valuation of 150 crores.

Trunome Sales And Revenue

One blood test costs around ₹41000 while their competitors charge ₹2.47 lacs for the blood test. Three world doctors at the shareholders of this company. Sales in FY 21 to 22 is 5 crores. The projected sales in FY 22 to 23 is 10 crores. The monthly run rate of Trunome is 35 lakhs. The last round valuation was 75 crores. EBITDA is 1 lakh per month.

Shark Tank Crave Raja Foods

Offers and Counter Offers

Peyush gave an offer of 1.5 crores at 2% equity.
Anupam give an offer of 1.5 crores as at 1.75% equity
Veenita gave an offer of 75 lakhs for 1% equity and 75 lakhs interest-free debt.
All four sharks Peyush, Anupam, Veenita and Aman gave a combined offer of 1.5 crores for 2% equity.
Owners gave a counteroffer of 3 crores for 2.5% equity.

Trunome Final deal

The final deal was closed with Peyush, Anupam, Veenita and Aman at 1.5 crores for 2% equity.

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