The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books Shark tank India season 2 episode 47

The Big Book Box shark tank

In this episode of Shark Tank India The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books, a solution for readers presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till end.

Company name The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books
Founders Surabhi Ranjan Rai and Desh Deepak Singh
Ask ₹50 lakhs for 8% equity

The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books Founder

Surabhi Ranjan Rai is of 26 and is from Gopalganj and Desh Deepak Singh of 26 and is from Mirzapur.

About the company The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books     

There was a girl who likes to read. She read everything starting from the newspaper to the ingredients of shampoo. But she had a shortage of story books. So this is the story of co-founder Surabhi. In order to solve this problem they came up with their company The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books. They have two versions of their company. One is chapter one books which is a platform where users are introduced to several gems of a book and are available at a low price for them. Another is Big book box which is a curated book box in which they bring the four new curated books every month for the users. They have delivered 70000+ orders and 3 lakhs books and merchandise. Their USP is they come out early to bring the USA ,UK books to the Indian readers at a reasonable price before other sellers make it available. The big book box have 4 categories :

  • Frappe – 1 book
  • Espresso – 2 books.
  • Cappuccino – 3 books.
  • Mocha – 4 books.

The cost of an Espresso pack is around 1899 rupees. They have subscription plans of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. They have started a yearly subscription.

Ask by the Owner The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books    

The owners ask for 50 lakhs for 8% equity of the company.

Brevistay Shark Tank

The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books Sales And Revenue

In the year 21-22 their realized revenue was 3.05 crore rupees and this financial year 22-23 till date the revenue is 1.4 crore rupees. Their projected sales this financial year is 4.5 crore rupees. Their gross profit was 1.05 crore rupees and net profit was 30-40 lakhs rupees. In the sales of 3.5 cr. rupees, 1.9 cr. came from The Big Book Box, 1.1 cr. came from Chapter One and 50 lakhs from the merchandise.

Offers and counter offers

No sharks were interested in this deal.

The Big Book Box And Chapter One Books Final deal

No deal was finalized with any sharks.

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