The Simply Salad Shark tank india Season 2 Episode 7

shark tank the simply salad

Shark Tank India Season 2 The Simply Salad

Shark tank India’s next pitch The Simply Salad is formed by a mother-son duo. They bring the tastiest salad with a healthy touch. Will they get a deal? To know, keep reading.

Company name The Simply Salad
Founder Soham Payal Pathak and Payal Pathak
Ask ₹30 lakhs for 10% equity

The Simply Salad Founders

Soham Payal Pathak and Payal Pathak are the founders of the company. Soham is just 19 years old, studying for graduation. Payal has completed her

About the company The Simply Salad

This is an Ahmedabad-based cloud kitchen that makes different types of tasty and creative salads and delivers it to home. Their salad contains protein, vitamins, fiber, low fat, and low carbs. The freshness is maintained and every salad has an Indian touch in taste. Other features include the affordable price for consumers and the subscription method. They are available by weekly and monthly subscriptions. It can also be ordered through Swiggy and Zomato. The company was started in August 2020 and to date, they have fulfilled 35000 orders. On a daily basis, they deliver 80 to 90 orders. Their vision is to deliver the salad to every home in India.

Bhaskar Puranpoli Shark Tank India

Ask by the Simply Salad Owners

The founders made an ask of ₹30 lakhs for 10% equity of the company at the valuation of 3 crores.

The Simply Salad Sales and Revenue

For a weekly subscription, the salad will cost ₹180 per day. And for a monthly subscription, will cost ₹150 per day. There are a total of 50 out of 80 weekly and monthly subscribers. And though delivery services may have 30 to 80 customers. The per month sales is 4.42 lakhs. The gross margin is 64% and the net margin is 47%.

Offers and counter offer

Vineeta and Aman gave an offer of 30 lakhs for 10% equity at the valuation of 3 crores.

The Simply Salad Final deal

The final deal was closed with Aman and Vineeta at 30 lahks for 10% equity of the company for the valuation of 3 crores.


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