The Health Factory Shark tank India Season 2 Episode 46

the health factory shark tank

Shark Tank The Health Factory

In this episode of Shark Tank India The Health Factory, a healthy protein bread manufacturing company presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till end.

Company name The Health Factory
Founders Vinay Maheswari and Mohit Sankhala
Ask ₹75 lakhs for 2.1% equity

The Health Factory Founder

Vinay Maheswari and Mohit Sankhala are the founders of the company. Vinay is 31 years old and Mohit is 29 years old. They are cousins. Vinay has completed MBA from Symbiosis Pune whereas Mohit has completed his graduation. Vinay holds 74.7% and Mohit holds 2% of the company.

About the company The Health Factory

India is a diverse country and so many dishes are made in different parts of it. Among all these varieties, one common food is there that connects everyone. This is bread. Be it a sandwich or Shahi tukra, everything contains bread. With the help of international technologists, they have made India’s first protein bread. Their unique selling propositions are,

  • 300% more protein
  • 20% less cars
  • low fat
  • low sugar
  • Zero cholesterol
  • No trans fat

They are available in more than 100 retail stores in Mumbai and Pune. They are also available in big marketplaces. Subscriptions are available through their website and fresh bread is delivered to the customer’s home. Their vision is to make The Health Factory as India’s biggest bread maker company. They started the company in 2018.

Ask by the Owner of The Health Factory

The owners ask for 75 lakhs for 2.1% equity of the company.

The Health Factory Sales And Revenue

A 250-gram bread packet cost ₹60. Indian market size for bread is more than ₹8000 crores out of which only 55% is from the organized sector. Sales in FY 19 to 20 is 75 lacs, in FY 20 to 21 it was 60 lacs, in FY 21 to 22 it was 90 lacs, in Q1 FY 22 to 23 it was 37 lacs, Q2 FY 22 to 23 projected sales is 70 lacs. The projected sales in FY 22 to 23 is 4 to 5 crores. The margin split is as follows,

  • 32% is raw material and packaging cost
  • Manufacturing cost is 12%
  • The gross margin is 56%, out of this 13% is the delivery charge.
  • Marketing spend is 20% of sales.

Aug ’22 burn is 6 lakhs. The logistics cost is ₹18 per packet of bread. Wastage is 12% to 15%.
They raised 1.83 crores in May 2020 at a valuation of 12.5 crores pre-money.

Offers and counter offers

All the sharks stepped out of the deal.

The Health Factory Final deal

No final deal was done.

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