Sharma Ji ki Aata Shark tank India season 2 episode 25

sharma ji ka aata

Shark Tank Sharma Ji ki Aata

In this episode of Shark Tank India Sharma Ji ki Aata, is a nutritious flour company. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Sharma Ji ki Aata
Founders Pranav Sharma and Sangeeta Sharma
Ask ₹ 40 lakhs for 10% equity

Sharma Ji ki Aata Founder

Pranav Sharma and Sangeeta Sharma. They hail from Pune.
Pranav looks after the operations along with a job from the year 2017.
Sangeeta hasn’t spent a single penny on marketing. She used to post in different free groups around 4 a.m to 6 a.m. as in the morning when anyone will see the notifications it will remind them that they have to buy aata today if they have finished consuming it.

About the company Sharma Ji ki Aata

From childhood we came to hear that Sharma Ji ka beta is good at studies, Sharma ji ka beta is good at sports but there is another sharma ji whom we don’t know. All women always want to cook something healthy and don’t want her family to consume unhealthy foods. This is the story of this family where they used to eat chakki ka aata as this is healthy and chemical free. So due to this reason Sharma ji ki aata was started in the year 2016. They focused on the problems and needs of the common people. They have 4000 customers on board and products are available across all the leading stores in Pune. They have 40 varieties of aata in their SKUs. Their vision is to spread across all over India. The best-selling product is ‘Sharbati ka aata’ after that multigrain aata is the second best-selling product. The cost of a 5kg packet is around 275 rupees.

Ask by the Owners Sharma Ji ki Aata

Pitchers asked 40 lakhs for 10% equity in the company.

Sharma Ji ki Aata Sales And Revenue

In the financial year 20-21 the sales were 12 lakhs rupees, in FY 21-22 the sales were 27 lakhs rupees and the projected sales for this year is 40 lakhs rupees. Their gross margin is 63% and their net margin is 38%. They earned net revenue of 80000 to 90000 rupees by grinding the grains which people bring to them. 20% of the sales are from their own website, 25% is from WhatsApp,15% is from offline retail, 15% is from marketplaces, 5% is from local vendors, and 20% is from their own stores.

Shark Tank Swadeshi Blessings


Offers and counter offers

Amit offers 20 lakhs for 25% equity and 20 lakhs debt at 12% interest rate.
Vineeta counter offers 20 lakhs for 20% equity and 20 lakhs debt at 12% interest.
Amit and Vineeta together offer 20 lakhs for 20% equity and 20 lakhs debt at 12% interest.
Pitchers counteroffer 30 lakhs rupees for 20% equity and 10 lakhs rupees debt at 12% interest rate.
Anupam counters 40 lakhs rupees for 20% equity.
Amit and Vineeta again counteroffer 30 lakhs for 20% equity and 10 lakhs rupees debt at 0% interest rate.

Sharma Ji ki Aata Final deal

The deal was finalized with Anupam for 40 lakhs rupees in exchange for 20% equity in the company.


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