Shark Tank India Shabdkosh (Understand the Business Vocabulary)

shark tank india shabdkosh

Shark Tank India Shabdkosh is a series in the show which is being introduced so that the audience can understand the words that are going to be used in the Shark Tank India show without any doubt.

There will be several words spoken in the Shark Tank India show that the audience might be unfamiliar with or are coming across for the very first time. As a solution to this problem, Shark tank India has launched this segment of Shark Tank India Shabdkosh in which the host of the show, Rannvijay Singha will easily explain all the business words used in shark tank india show.

The first word of Shark Tank India Shabdkosh comes from “A” and this “A” stands for “ask”.

This means, when the word “Ask” is used in the shark tank india show by the Shark Tank India Judges or who are also called Shark Tank India Investors to those entrepreneurs who came to pitch their business idea in front of Sharks, they mean to ask them about how much money as investment they are asking for and what percentage of share of the business they will give to Sharks or Shark Tank India Investors.

  • B Stands for “BUSINESS”

Another word for Shark Tank India Shabdkosh is “B” which means business .

Business means making any product or providing any service that consumers or people will buy and use for their benefits and will also benefit the product makers or service providers. In distant language, this system of buying and selling anything is called business.

Now people will buy a thing or service only when using it makes their work easier or changes their life for the better.

  • F Stands for “FUNDING”

Shark Tank India Shabdkosh’s third word is “F” which is used for “Funding” .

Funding means investing money to turn your business plan into reality or to grow the business bigger. In short, business without funding is the same as life without food.

For funding, entrepreneurs can usually take a loan from the bank or take it from family and relatives. But from now onwards for funds, entrepreneurs will have only one way “Shark Tank India”. Entrepreneurs whose business ideas will be the best, sharks will invest.


  • G Stands for “GROSS PROFIT”

Shark Tank India Shabdkosh ‘s next word is “G” which is used for Gross Profit or total profit.

Every business or startup earns money, but earning profit is something moving a little beyond earning money. Gross Profit means when a business earns profit.Gross profit is the total profit from a business after excluding all the other costs of production and selling goods or services.

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  • I Stands for “INNOVATION”

The next word of Shark Tank India Shabdkosh is “I” and it is used for innovation.

The key to success of all the business ideas in the world and keeping the success of business constant is because of innovation. Every corner of the world is changing and improving with every new generation because of innovation. Innovation is all about bringing change by new products and ideas.

People who are excellent in understanding people and the world are the best at innovation. They live in the present but think about the future.If you are one such innovative person to bring change in yours and other life through your business, then Shark Tank India is for you.

  • S Stands for “SHARKS”

Shark Tank India Shabdkosh’s next word is ‘S’ which stands for Sharks.

Sharks means the Judges of Shark Tank India or the investors of the show. Indian entrepreneurs will present their business ideas in front of Sharks to get funding from them and grow their business. The business ideas that will succeed in impressing these sharks will be able to get funds.

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