Shark Tank India Products & Upcoming Pitches Saptkrishi and Peeschute

shark tank india product peeschute and saptkrishi

The episode of shark tank India streaming platform is SonyLIV. Shark tank India has launched its promo and has announced two startup names. They are Saptkrishi and Peeschute. Further information will be telecast in the upcoming Shark tank India episode. Bombas, Scrub Daddy, and a few others are among the Shark tank best pitches internationally which have produced $100 million in sales. Shark Tank products in India are also mentioned below.

  • Peeschute

Peeschute is another name for Shark tank India pitch. Here are some details about the startup. Peeschute is an innovative and patented disposable urinal bag. It is a pocket toilet that can be used by both men and women to urinate when the natural urination process becomes difficult due to various reasons.

In India, The proportion of toilet facilities in comparison to the vast population in India is still a big challenge. In a developing country like India, sanitation and hygiene are the issues of concern. This startup aims to put a solution for the basic peeing problems. Also Holding the urge to urinate for a long time can create a number of medical issues. Whenever the use of the washroom becomes problematic, peeschute offer their unique solution.

The founders of this venture have been able to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, and handy solutions for human pee problems. They are able to create employment for both men and women even in rural areas, which in turn provides growth in the economy of the country. They aim to provide training and employment opportunities to rural women in India.

shark tank india products
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Who Can Use Peeschute?

This product has been specially created for:

  • People having medical problems such as lower-body injuries, leg or foot fractures, people suffering from Arthritis, patients of early-stage prostate, people having temporary or permanent immobility, and Pregnant Women.
  • People who are Travelling and cannot access clean toilets and have repeated peeing issues and is an alternative to urine mat.
  • People especially women who are on treks or camps and cannot find toilets.

Basic Details About Peeschute:

  • Founded Year- 2019
  • Location- Jalna, India
  • Total Funding- $85.2K
  • Peeschute Founders- Siddhant Tawarawala, Founder & CEO, and Bhushan Tawarawala, Co-Founder
  • Investors- Some of its investors are CIIE, Startup Nexus & 14 others

How does Peeschute work?

Peeschute is an environmentally safe product that immediately solidifies human urine. It converts into a gel state, produces no odour and at the same time ensures good standards of sanitation and hygiene.

The startup offers a broad use of their product line. People can use this from one who is on tours, to astronauts traveling in space and people who suffer from any medical issues and repeated habit of peeing. Peeschute is a hygienic and healthful solution for human peeing problems.

Peeschute was amongst the top 56 startups selected by the Center for Augmenting War for Covid-19 Health Crisis (CAWACH) by the Department of Science and technology.

shark tank product in india
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Special features of these urine bags

  • People do need to be dependent on unhygienic public washrooms or no more need to rely on caretakers to get you urinal pots for peeing.
  • It is hassle-free, easy, and convenient to use & dispose of later.
  • The urine bag is not hazardous for human
  • The product is environmentally safe and possesses no threats.
  • One attractive feature is that peeschute is portable, Light in weight and you can carry it along with you wherever you are traveling.
  • No cleaning is required after peeing as the pee instantly converts into a gel and ensures no spillage of urine making it more user-friendly.
  • No odour is produced as peeschute bag is sealed off with granules ensuring no leakage of smell.
  • These are unisex bags, can be used by both men and women.

How To Use Peeschute?

  • Step 1: Open & Press Edges of pee bag using thumb and forefinger.
  • Step 2: Place it between legs to cover urine flow and urine will instantly convert to a gel.
  • Step 3: Fold and Seal the bag so that no splash of urine occurs and hygiene is maintained.
  • Step 4: Dispose of the used and sealed bag in a nearby dustbin and if dustbin is not available the bag can be disposed of later.

The company offers three urine bag prices:

  • Jumbo Family pack of 50 cost ₹4,950.00. Sale Offer ₹2,970.00

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  • Super Saver Pack of 20 cost ₹1,980.00 ₹1,485.00


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  • OfferValue Pack of 10 cost ₹990.00 ₹842.00

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  • Saptkrishi

Shark tank India pitch Saptkrishi. So let’s get into some details about the startup. Saptkrishi is an agri-tech based startup that worked in a close association with IIT Patna. It is mainly focused on working for agricultural development through innovation in this field and aims towards the transformation of rural areas of the South-East Asia region. Being a part of a social enterprise, the main objective of the startup is the formation of cost-effective storage and transportation benefits for small and big cultivators and traders associated with outturn and transportation of agricultural goods.

Saptkrishi scientific Pvt. Ltd. is currently working with a few members out of which it has a complete team of 12 leading members and over 200 manpower working together in this venture. The startup has been associated closely with prestigious institutions such as IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Patna to find the solutions for the challenges that come in the way of this enterprise.

India produces a huge amount of agricultural products throughout the year. But due to the spoilage of large amounts of fruits and vegetables, India continuously fails to feed its large population every day. The freshly produced farm products get spoiled and wasted because of the improper and weak transportation system and finally fail to reach the markets and consumers within time.

Freshly cultivated fruits and vegetables coming directly from the fields have a low shelf life and can stay fresh for a little time. But this is not favorable for traders if the product does not reach traders within the time for consumption. This adds a disadvantage to small farmers and cultivators who generate most of their income from agricultural products. Improper transportation systems and inefficient storage systems are the root causes.

The firm has been creating employment for the families of small farmers. The manpower needed in the firm is the unemployed children of farmers themselves. The farmers and small-scale peasants sell their products to this organization at sabji market price. The unsold products are sent to agro-processing units to use them as raw materials.

shark tank india products
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Basic Details About Saptkrishi:

  • Legal Name- Saptkrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd
  • Headquarters- SaptKrishi Scientific Pvt. Ltd. 108D, SIIC Extension, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP, 208016
  • Founding Date- 2019
  • Total funding- $23k
  • Founders- Nikky Kumar Jha, founder & CEO, and Rashmi Jha, Co-founder & CEO
  • Investors- Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Technology Development Board, Villgro (Specialized Finance)

How does Saptkrishi work:

  • Sabjikothi works as an insulated chamber that is self-adaptable, ethylene oxidizing and creates protected microclimate conditions inside the chamber that discourages the advancement of any pathogens, delaying the browning method. It also helps in regulating the action of antioxidant enzymes present and effectively acting on the fruits and vegetables and can protect fruits and vegetables from spoilage up to 40 days anywhere.
  • The entire setup of sabji on wheels can be easily mounted and unloaded from wheels, and can equally work effectively as on-field & on-market storage.
  • The preservation needs very little maintenance.
  • It is quite energy-saving and needs only 20 watts of power to work on. There is also battery backup present and can back up for one day and an alternative choice of solar charging is also available.
  • One of the most important properties of fruits and vegetables is moisture retention and Saptkrishi can retain the moisture of farm products kept with only 1 liter of water per day.
  • The setup is again quite cost-effective and comes up with two options. One is for farmers for INR 10,000 and has a storage capacity of 250 kgs. Another one is for traders with a bigger version of the preservation that also costs INR 15,000 with a storage capacity of 500 kgs.
  • These preservations are low in cost, save energy, need little maintenance, have good storage capacity, can be reported and controlled through mobile apps, and are self adaptable.


  • Saptkrishi emerged As one of the winners of Arunachal Pradesh Social Entrepreneurship Meet (APSEM) 2020. They may start working in association with the state government of Arunachal Pradesh for the expansion of their venture.
  • Nikky Kumar Jha, Founder of Saptkrishi, has won the Solved Challenge 2021 award.
  • Awarded the 3M – CII YICA 2020 award under the category of rural innovations.
Shark Tank India Pitch Saptakrishi
Solved Champion 2021 Award conferred By Honorable Youth Affairs & Sports Minister, Shri Anurag Thakur

Future prospects of Saptkrishi :

Saptkrishi expects awareness among people about their innovation both nationally and internationally. They can broaden their organization in the future. This venture has proved to be very fruitful in rural regions and people from Krishi backgrounds and the firm has a vision of expanding this so that more and more farmers can get benefits from this.

Final Words:

Shark tank India offers a great platform for startups like Saptkrishi and Peeschute to widen their enterprise by getting more funds by impressing Indian Sharks with their amazing business ideas and plans.

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