Shark Tank India Episode 28 | Humpy, Kunafa Worlds, Gold Life | 26th January 2022

shark tank india kunafa episode 28

This is Shark Tank India episode number 28. In this episode of shark tank India Humpy- one stop solution to chemical free food, Kunafa World-a middle eastern dessert, and Gold Life- anti suicide fan rod are the pitches.

1. Humpy


shark tank india humpy

Humpy Owner:

Vishal Chaudhuri, Malavika Gaekwad, Jaywant Patil. They are the co-founders and hail from Pune.

About Humpy:

Humpy A2 is native, authentic and chemical free marketplace where the brand ties up with farmers for organic farming and takes these products from them at the right price and reaches out to the customers. Talking about the brand name they said that A2 is a type of protein found in milk which is more nutritious than the A1 type of protein which is also found in milk. Normal cow’s milk has A1 protein in it. The A2 milk is tested with 120 various quality checks and all the other products are organic too. The quality check results and certificates are delivered to 4000 plus customers so as to make them believe the facts. They have their own application and one can register and can order from there. Briefing about the products they serve A2 milk, A2 paneer, cheese, classic dahi etc. There are two variants of ghee, one is classical and is made in a traditional way and other is vedic ghee which is made by churning.

Humpy Gross profit and sales:

The company’s valuation is cr 18.75 crore rupees. The price of the traditional ghee is Rs. 2000/kg. The Vedic ghee price is Rs. 3200/kg. Their retention rate is around 93%. The sales in the FY17-18 is Rs.65 lakhs rupees, in FY 18-19 it was 198 lakhs rupees, FY 19-20 it was 202 lakhs rupees, in FY 20-21 it was 250 lakhs rupees, and in FY 21-22 upto 6 months it is around 208 lakhs rupees and projected sales for this year is Rs.400 lakhs rupees. Net Margin of the company is 44% and 1% is the net profit. From the total revenue 80% is from dairy products and the rest 20% is non-dairy products.

Asks by the pitchers of Humpy:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 75 lakhs rupees for 4% equity of the company.

Counter offers for Humpy:

Namita and Anupam stepped out from the deal.
Vineeta counters offer 50 lakhs rupees in exchange for 10% equity in the company and 25 lakhs rupees debt @12% interest.
Ghazal and Peyush jointly counter offer 75 lakhs rupees in exchange for 10% equity in the company.
Later Vineeta, Peyush and Ghazal jointly offered 1 crore rupees for 15% equity in the company.
Pitchers have both the offers to accept.

Humpy Final Offer:

The deal was done with Vineeta Singh, Peyush and Ghazal for 1 crore rupees in exchange of 15% equity in the company.

2. Kunafa Worlds


shark tank india kunafa worlds

Kunafa World Owner:

Zamzeer Ahamed is 33 years old and Jameela Ruhi is 26 years old. They are the co-founders from Bangalore. Ruhi when first gave kunafa to Zamzeer to taste, he took interest in this and thought that this had good potential in India. They then thought to sell it through social media marketing.

About Kunafa Worlds:

During every festival,sweets are a must in any Indian household. When we talk about sweets, names such as rasgulla, Gulab jamun, ladoo and Rabri are listed. The owners bring a new desert called Kunafa. This sweet is completely vegan and more than 15 varieties are present which include Snickers kunafa, Bounty kunafa, Oreo kunafa, Nutella kunafa, Assorted mini kunafa and many more. The cream used in their Kunafa is made of high quality ingredients which they called their ‘secret sauce’. In two years they have sold 2 lakh Kunafas. They want to sell more than 10k Kunafas daily. They started a home baking service called Baking Angel in 2018. They got repeated customers and started their first outlet in Bangalore. After its success, they opened 3 more outlets in Bangalore. Then established 5 more outlets all over India. Their vision is to sell kunafa all over India. The raw materials are prepared in the Central kitchen and sent to other outlets.

Kunafa World Gross profit and sales:

The company’s valuation is 18 cr. Their revenue till March 2020 is 55 lakhs,sales FY 20-21 is 2cr, from march 2021 till now revenue generated is 1.7 cr. Last month sales were 30 lakhs. Net Profit is 30%. Gross profit margin is 50%.

Asks by the pitchers of Kunafa World:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 90 lakhs for 5% equity of the company

Final offer Kunafa World:

All the sharks stepped out and no final deal was done.

3. Gold Life


shark tank india gold life

Gold Life Owner:

Gourab Ashani and Sharad Ashani and they are from Mumbai.

About Gold Life:

Mental health and suicide is a big concern not only in our country but all over the world. According to National Bureau of Investigation in 2020 around 1.53 lakhs are suicidal deaths. Near about 145 people died per day by suicide. So for solving this problem anti suicide fan rod was invented. Sharad Ashani invented this rod and rod is made with spring technology that folded out when more weight is put on it than the projected weight. They have tested their products from MSME lab.They have delivered 50000 thousands products in 4 years specially for hostels, hotels, hospitals, lodges, homes, government quarters and jails. Their vision is to reduce the suicidal cases through all over the world.

Shark Tank India Judges In The Kapil Sharma Show


Gold Life Gross profit and sales:

The company’s valuation is 10 crore rupees. The cost of making one rod is Rs.140 and the selling price is Rs.400 rupees. Their sales in the FY 17-18 was Rs.5 lakhs, FY18-19 was Rs.16 lakhs, FY 19-20 was Rs. 35 lakhs, FY20-21 is Rs.10 lakhs rupees.In this FY year it is 15 lakhs rupees till half year and projected sales is Rs.60 lakhs.Their gross margin is 45% and net profit is 25%.

Asks by the pitchers of Gold Life:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 50 lakhs rupees for 5% equity of the company.

Counter offers For Gold Life:

Anupam and Namita stepped out from the deal because of the scalability issue.
Vineeta backed herself and was not interested in the deal.
Ghazal advised them to test the target customer more and for this time being she is out.
Peyush counter offers for 10 lakhs rupees for 10% equity and rest 40 lakhs in debt @12% interest.
Vineeta and Ghazal both changed their mind and jointly counter offer for 50 lakhs rupees in exchange for 30% equity in the company.
Gaurav and Sharad counter offer for 50 lakhs in exchange of 30% equity of the company and want Vineeta, Peyush and Ghazal to join with them.

Final offer for Gold Life:

The deal was finalised by Vineeta, Ghazal and Peyush jointly for 50 lakhs rupees in exchange of 30% equity in the company.

Shark lesson of the day:

Shark Vineeta gave a lesson that don’t always focus on how your competitors are doing which can make your focus shift towards another way. Always focus on your plans, your strategies and team to do a successful business.

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