Shark Tank India Episode 8 | Kerala Banana Chips, Vivalyf, motion Breeze | 28th December 2021

shark tank india episode 8 vivalyf

1. Kerala Banana Chips – Beyond Snack

  • Company Valuation: 20 Crores
  • Offer: 50 Lakhs for 2.5% Equity
  • Founders: Manas Madhu, 36 and Alappuzha both from Kerala
  • About Kerala Banana Chips

Beyond Snack, Kerala Banana Chips is a healthy, tasty, thinly sliced chips available in 4 flavours- plain salted, peri peri, salt and pepper, and cream and Onion. The product is trending on Amazon and Flipkart. In a span of 1.5 years, they sold around 140 metric tons of Banana Chips.

shark tank india kerala banana

  • Story Behind Kerala Banana Chips 

While doing the regular 9 to 5 job as his dad wanted, he came across a field where he saw a lot of bananas getting wasted. On enquiring he found that around 40% of bananas were wasted. Moreover, banana chips being the emotion of Kerala he stepped on his journey.

  • Future Aim;

To make a place of one Kerala Banana Chips against one Potato Chips in the retail outlets all over India.

To establish as a national brand in the next two years, to make a 200 crore company.

  • Kerala Banana Chips Initial Investment

  1. Initial: 70,00,000 INR(capital)
  2. External Funds: 1.4 Crore
  3. After formalization, the company raised 8 Lakhs with dilution of 15% equity to external investors.
  • Kerala Banana Chips Sales

Monthly Sales: 20,60,000 INR

Flavours Breakdown:

Original- 50%
PeriPeri- 30%
Salt and Pepper, Cream and Onion- 15%

  • Kerala Banana Chips Gross Margin

Total: 60,00,000 INR
Profit: 6,00,000 INR
Online: 55%
Retail: 48%

When Peyush and Aman ask about the speciality compared to other products, Manas mentioned the standardization and that the slices of the chips are thin and soft compared to other banana chips available in the market.

Ask a question about the pricing, if it would be possible to take the price down and sell it as a niche product at 60 INR. Manas informed that the next focus is on selling at A class category shops at 30 INR for each packet. He also mentioned that his focus is on creating a trade channel across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi as 70% of online sales are from North India.

When Anupam asked how to take the profit margin to 65% for above, Manas said that there is no optimization used at present. They can increase the yield of the banana from 28 % at present to 37% that means more gross margin.

  • Offer for Kerala Banana Chips

  1. Anupam and Peyush:
    Initial offer: 50,00,000 INR for 20% equity
    Revised offer: 50,00,000 INR for 10% equity
  2. Ashneer and Aman:
    50,00,000 INR for 2.5% equity

The deal was done between Ashneer-Aman and Manas.

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2. Easy Life – Vivalyf Innovations

  • Offer: 56 lakhs for 7.5% Equity
  • Founders: Duvvuru Varshita, 21 and Vimal Kumar, 25 (50% holding each)

This is a story from Hyderabad. Story of how you can turn out your weakness, convert them into strength and use it for a greater cause of humanity. Varshitha has been a type 1 diabetic since birth and went into coma the second day after she was born. She has to take insulin everyday in order to stop this problem she joins hands with engineer Vimal Kumar to invent a product that would not be painful. Going back to the days, Varshitha at the age of 10 made up her mind to end the pain and suffering they had to undergo to check the sugar level. She cracked almost all India Engineering exams, went to IIT and came back after 11 days to carry on with her dream.

shark tank india vivalyf innovation

  • About Easy Life

The product is a non-invasive no blood no pain one time investment device to check the level of glucose in our body. The product is at a preclinical evaluation stage.

To make it available in the market, to get mentor access, external access, market access and funding they came to the platform of Shark Tank India.

Namita applauded them for the Novell cause as India is now the diabetic capital of the world. Peyush and Anupam demonstrated the device and asked questions about their accuracy. Varshitha and Vimal mentioned that they are at 90% accuracy stage with 250 samples.
Piyush and Aman explained the importance of accuracy and how it can impact their business and mentioned the challenges they need to face while increasing the accuracy level to 97%.

  • Easy Life Funding

7,50,000 INR (Non-Equity) from Govt. Of India

  • Offer for Easy Life

Namita thapar inquired about the best case scenario from now to the launch date. Varshitha informs that after the preclinical evaluation they will move to clinical evaluation where they will start with around 5000 to 6000 samples. This will help them improve the accuracy and finally present it to CDSCO. Namita said that it will be a very long and expensive process along with a low success rate. She stepped out but showed interest to offer grants, expertise and tie up with hospitals for trials. Aman and Ashneer stepped out due to the risks involved.

Peyush and Anupam together offered 56,00,000 INR for 33.33% equity. But varshitha and vimal made a counter offer as 36,00,000 INR for 15% equity and 20,00,000 Debt for 3 years.

Peyush mentions that the repayment of debt will be tricky as it is a non generating revenue company at present and he sticks with the previous deal along with Anupam. Finally the deal was done and fixed at 56,00,000 INR for 33.33% equity.

3. Motion Breeze

  • Offer: 30 Lakhs for 3% Equity
  • Founder: Avantraj Tomar, Shivraj Tomar, Kartikeya
  • Mentor/Investor: Deepen
  • About Motion Breeze

The product is an electric bike that combines Nature and Technology. It uses the speciality of both Nature and Technology to build India’s first adaptive smart electric motorcycle BREEZE. This bike comes with following features:

  • They use patented adaptive Technology.
  • With the use of one button the bike adjusts the riders and pillions posture and performance as per their needs and comfort.
  • Speed 180 km per hour, with increasing speed in 6 seconds.
  • 250 km capacity in Single charge.
  • 1-3 hour charging time depending on the outlet.
  • 4 modes: sport, commute, cruiser, scrambler

The product is at present at the prototype development stage. They demonstrated the bike on how it changes from one mode to another. The two important factors in a bike are agronomics and performance. This bike has settings that can adjust both of this as per the riders need and comfort.

Ashneeri drove the bike but the Sharks were not so much satisfied with the sound it generated.

shark tank india motion breeze

  • Motion Breeze Initial Investment

Deepen: 30-35 lakhs at 27% Equity

He has a 10 year old multi brand two wheeler service company. He has around 180 outlets spread all over India.

Namitha mentioned that there are respective brands that focus on a particular motorcycle niche in the market, and asked why they combined all the niches in one single bike.

The pitchers answered that this is primarily for two reasons, one being the environmental factor and the other being the user experience. The health issues that come up due to the monotonous sitting posture. The change in riding postures will help them get rid of these problems.

  • Market Valuation Motion Breeze

For 3 variants, it will range around 1.5 lakhs- 3.5 lakhs.

Listening to their market valuation Anupam and Namita told them that at such high prices it would be difficult to penetrate the market.
Shivraj here mentioned that the market penetration will be done through Deepen’s franchise, Moto influencers in YouTube, taking out awareness campaigns so that they come to experience the touch points and find out the difference.

  • Certification

Regarding certification they mentioned that they would do the type approval. They are not certified.

  • Patent Rights

On questioning the parts they patented by Ashneer, they mentioned that they have patented frame structures and actuators, few battery assembly designs as well as few industrial designs.

  • Production Factory

To be opened at Baroda.

  • Offer for Motion Breeze

Namitha and Aman stepped out citing specialisation and competitive issues. Anupam applauded his ideas and discussed the challenges they would face while making a market on their own. Instead he asked to focus on a large market where they can enter rather than focusing directly on the high-end market and he stepped out. Peyush stepped out of the deal as well.

When asked by a snail if the market fails will they sell the parts and Technology they patented. They agree to it and Ashneer makes an offer of 30,00,000 INR for 6% equity.

Finally the deal was done at Ashneer’s offer. Ashneer also mentioned that the initiative they took was very good and it was something that is not common in the Indian market.

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