Shark Tank India Episode 5 | Revamp Moto, Hungry Head, Sharwani Engineers | 24th December 2021

shark tank india revamp moto

1. Revamp Moto Pvt. Ltd.

  • Business name: Revamp Moto Pvt. Ltd.
  • Owner name: Jayesh Tope, Pritesh Mahajan, Puskaraj Salunke

Jayesh Tope has invested in two start up earlier, one in EV sector and other in agriculture chain supply. Worked in mahindra for one year and had a clear vision of products management. Pritesh Mahajan worked for state bank of India as assistant vice manager for 3 years and left the job as he was not finding the kick in job. Puskaraj Salunke, technical backbone of the company. The mechanical engineer had worked with Iot of projects.

  • About the Revamp Moto:

Revamp moto pvt. Ltd. is the EV scooter making company based in Nashik. The company has launched two interesting products. One product is Revamp Mitra and RM25. Revamp Mitra is designed in such a way that it can help vegetable sellers, chai vendors and other such small vendors and businesses to carry their business on wheels. Mitra model can be used for more than 10 purposes. This vehicle can run upto range of 140 km at a 65 km hr speed with a load of 200kg.This is a smart vehicle with Bluetooth enabled features and one can track every activities on the app.

Two batteries are installed in the bike and each battery provides 70km range. While you are running out of charge you can simply switch the battery with the other seamlessly and again run for 70 km. Mitra model comes with options of many attachments. It can have a folding table on its back for selling products by small vendors. It can have a delivery basket that reduces the workload of any eCommerce delivery staffs. And most important thing is that it also comes up with fridge which the company termed as cool keep. This fridge can be used to deliver the medicines, vaccines which are needed to be delivered in a freezer. This freezer can reduce the mileage to 70 km if it is used for 5 hrs. They have sold 50k units and raised a sale of 150 crore rupees. They are in talk with a client named Buddy who is going to introduce shared mobility in recent times. They have received an order of 10k units. They also added that if any B2B company order from them they can supply customized bikes. They have made the prototype in 45 days for the company they are working with. They are also in talk with the brand Licious.

shark tank india revamp moto

  • Gross Profit, Sales and Revenue of Revamp Moto:

The valuation of the company is 100 crore. The price of the Rm25 is about 55k rupees and the Mitra price is 1.06 lakhs. The Mitra price will be lowered excluding the central and state subsidies which cost around rupees 45k to 60k. There is no downtime in the business.

  • Ask by the Pitchers of Revamp Moto:

Pitchers asked for 1 crore rupees for 1% equity in the company.

  • Offer and counter offer for Revamp Moto:

Aman and Anupam counter for 3% equity for 1 crore. The pitchers wanted Aman in their investment. Pitchers counter offer for 2% equity for 1 crore. Ashneer counters for 1.2 crore for 2.5% equity in the company.

Aman Gupta and Anupam agreed with the pitchers for 2% equity for 1 crore rupees. Ashneer again offered 1.75% equity for 1 crore rupees. Pitchers discussed among themselves and decided to stick with Aman and Anupam.

Final Offer for Revamp Moto:

The final deal was with Aman and Anupam for 2% equity for 1 crore.

“Shark Anupam explained about the product prototype. It is the sample product used for testing in the market and to get feedback so that changes can be made in the real product.”

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2. Hungry Head

  • Business Name: Hungry Head(It’s all about maggie and more)
  • Owner: Hungry Head was founded by Arpit Kabra and Rahul Daga.

They hail from Mumbai and are big time foodies. They were both college friends. One of their partners, Yash, passed away in 2018 in a bike accident.

  • About Hungry Head:

They started their venture in 2013 with a concept of making something different from other junk foods available in the market. Maggie is a story maker in everybody’s life. And they took the Maggie as the core food of their product and started “Hungry Head, it’s all about Maggie ”.

They serve Maggie in 80 varieties and flavours. Some of them are Maggie bhel, Maggie bowl, Maggie pizza, Maggie panipuri and many more along with sauces. Their vision is to make their business India’s biggest concept based restaurant. They are available both on Swiggy and Zomato. Currently they have one restaurant in Mumbai. Their cooked Maggie can stay as it is for 30 minutes without any change in texture of Maggie because of their air tight sealed container.

shark tank india hungry head

  • Gross Profit and Sales of Hungry Head:

The company’s valuation is 10 crores. Their last 6 months sales are 20 lakhs and last month sales are 5.5 lakhs. There earlier sales used to be 9 lakhs per month. They had planned to use the 50 lakhs in construction of two restaurants and one central kitchen.

  • Ask by Pitchers of Hungry Head:

Pitchers asks for 5% equity for 50 lakhs.

  • Final offer for Hungry Head:

The deal was not finalized by any sharks as no sharks were interested in investment for this venture.

3. Sharwani Engineers.

  • Business Name: Sharwani Engineers.
  • Owner: Baldev Jumnami 45 years old and her wife Jayashree Jumnami 38 years old.

They hail from Nagpur. Baldev talks about his fantasies openly. Baldev has fantasy over navel. He has previously worked as an MR in Emcure.

  • About Sharwani Engineers:

Based on his fantasies, he made a product called navel fukai and navel sakuru, the belly button shaper. It can enhance the look of the navel without any medicine and surgery. It can be helpful for the people of the modeling industry. Their product is a complete package of a sanitizer, an oil and navel fukai.Till now he has provided his products to 700 customers.

shark tank india sharwani engg

  • Gross Profit and Sales of Sharwani Engineers:

Their total sales is around 4lakh

  • Ask by Pitchers of Sharwani Engineers:

Pitchers asked for 10 lakhs for 20% equity.

  • Final offer for Sharwani Engineers:

The deal was not finalized by any sharks.

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