Shark Tank India Episode 29 | Wakao Food, PDD Falcon, Playbox TV | 27th January 2022

shark tank india wakao episode 29

This is Shark Tank India episode number 29. In this episode of Shark Tank India Wakao foods’ mock-meat, PDD Falcons’ eco-friendly boxes, Playbox TV’s one stop entertainment are the pitches.

1. Wakao Food

          • Wakao Food Owner: Sairaj Gaurish Dhond

Sairaj is from Goa. He is the founder and CEO of Wakao Food. He is a criminal lawyer and worked for 1 year.

  • About Wakao Food:

An apple changed the world as Newton invented the law of gravitation from the falling apple and like that only Jackfruit has changed the life of Sairaj Gaurish. As many of the people are becoming vegan and vegetarian so why should there be limited recipes in their menu so he brought Jackfruit straight from his backyard to the world with different recipes. He wanted to change the taste of the people and brought out the 100% natural mock-meat with no preservatives. The shelf life is 12 months without refrigeration. He gave wakao burgers, wakao tart; a sweet dish, wakao kebab, Jackfruit biryani to the judges to enjoy the taste of those amazing items. The tender jackfruit is taken from the backyard and is used to make the recipes.

Shark Tank India Wakao Foods

  • Wakao Food Gross Profit and Sales:

The company’s valuation is 15 crore rupees. The net margin of the company is about 50%. The company started their operations 10 months back and has generated a revenue of 60 lakhs rupees. HORECA brands like Ibis, Hilton, Oberoi tied up with them and the items are in great demand.

  • Asks by the Pitcher of Wakao Food:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 75 lakhs for 5% equity of the company.

  • Counter offers:

Anupam was not interested in this deal and stepped out from the deal. Vineeta, Namita and Ghazal’s counters offer 75 lakhs rupees for 30% equity in the company. Peyush counters offer 15 lakhs for 5% equity and rest 60 lakhs rupees debt @12% interest or 25 lakhs rupees for 5% equity and rest 50 lakhs rupees @12% interest.

Sairaj’s counter offer is 75 lakhs rupees for 15% equity in the company. Vineeta, Namita and Ghazal’s again counter offer 75 lakhs rupees for 21% equity in the company. Sairaj counter offers 1 cr. for 20% equity in the company.

  • Final offer:

Final deal was for 75 lakhs rupees in exchange for 21% equity in the company. The deal was closed by Vineeta, Namita and Ghazal.

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Shark Tank India Judges In The Kapil Sharma Show

2. PDD Falcon:

  • PDD Falcon Owner: Chirag Visaria and Sneha Visaria

Chirag Visaria and Sneha Visaria are life partners as well. Chirag had a family business of this where Sneha was later introduced. From there they got knowledge of the production of stainless steel.

  • About PDD Falcon:

In every Indian household, steel tiffin boxes are emotions. But nowadays, these steel tiffin boxes have been replaced by plastic wares and disposable carriers. Their company has brought back food safe, non toxic and eco-friendly stainless steel with innovative and premium quality. These are redefining truly stainless. Nowadays mother’s want to include sustainable and safe products in their lifestyle. They have more than 300 product ranges with stainless steel goodness. They have made air tight, leak proof, and eco nxt containers. Their baby section has a sub name called joy & zoee. They are100% Made In India. They want to carry their father’s vision of providing quality products to customers.

shark tank india PDD Falcon

  • PDD Falcon Gross Profit and Sales:

The company’s valuation is 25 cr. Their sales FY 20-21 is 2. 42cr, FY19-20 sales were 2.72cr, FY18-19 sales were 10 lakhs. This year till October, sales were 2.42 cr and expected to close at 4. 65 cr. Their Gross margin is 30%.

  • Asks by the Pitchers of PDD Falcon:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 75 lakhs for 3 % equity of the company

  • Counter offers:

Ghazal Offered 30 lakhs for 10% equity and 45 lakhs debt at 13% interest rate. Owners gave a counter offer of 75 lakhs at 6% equity of the company. Ghazal gave a counter offer of 75 lakhs for 11% equity with a condition of returning back money with interest if valuation is not reached.

  • PDD Falcon Final offer:

The owners could not accept the deal and no final deal was done.

3. Playbox TV

    • Playbox TV Owners: Aamir Mulani and Soham Dhande

Aamir Mulani, founder and CEO.Soham Dhande, creative head of the company. They are from Mumbai.

  • About Playbox TV:

In a typical Indian family choices of contents differ from one person to another. One has to subscribe to a set-top box for the TV and for the OTT content one has to subscribe to different platforms at the same time. So in order to bring the TV and OTT platforms under a single umbrella Playbox TV was born. One can download the app and can play on their phone and can also project the OTT content on the TV through the app. The Playbox TV has more than 40 streaming services and can enjoy various contents under a single platform by a single sign in and subscription at a discount rate.

shark tank india playbox TV

  • Playbox TV Gross profit and sales:

The company’s valuation is 28.75 crore rupees. The company business model is that they tie up with the local cable operators for the installation of the Playbox TV and they will give a commission on each and every product installation. Talking about the USP they said that in their 399 rupees pack, customers can seamlessly enjoy Amazon prime membership, Sony liv premium content, zee tv premium content, Voot premium content along with 350+ live channels. In the month of October,2021 the revenue generated was 87 lakhs rupees, September it was 62 lakhs, August it was 59 lakhs and July it was 53 lakhs rupees. They have raised a first round investment from a company called Microscan who are in the manufacturing of micro-fibre cables.

  • Asks by the Pitchers of Playbox TV:

Pitchers approach with a ask of 1 crore rupees for 3.5% equity of the company.

  • Counter Offers:

Anupam and Vineeta stepped out of the deal. Namita was also not interested and backed off. Ghazal was out of the deal.

Peyush counters offer 50 lakhs for 20% equity in the company and 50 lakhs rupees debt @12% interest.
As Soham Dhonde is from the Microscan company so conflicts can be a part of their business at a later time so Peyush stepped out from the deal.

  • Playbox TV Final offer:

No deal was finalized.

  • Shark Lesson of the Day

Shark Peyush gives a lesson on distractions in life. He says distractions will always come towards you in the way in life. He advised to make a meaning and not a business, business will automatically be made.

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