Shark Tank India Episode 22 | Falhari, Hair Originals, Moonshine Meads, Poo De Colonge | 18th January 2022

shark tank india episode 22 moonshine

This is shark tank India episode number 22. In this episode of shark tank India Hair Originals’s natural human hair extension, Moonshine’s oldest alcohol, Poo De Cologne’s pre toilet spray and Falhari’s fresh fruits store are the pitches.

 1. Hair Originals

Shark tank india hair originals

  • Owners: Piyush Wadhwani, Jitendra Sharma, Ashish Tiwari

Piyush Wadhwani, Jitendra Sharma graduated from Delhi IIT and worked in 40 different countries for 11 years, Ashish Tiwari graduated from IIT Kharagpur.

  • About Hair Originals

Hair Originals is such a brand which manufactures different types of hair extensions made from original human hair protein.The hair extensions are natural.The types of hair extensions they manufacture are Permanent Hair Extensions;the popular one in the market, Temporary Hair Extensions; DIY type, and Wigs.They send the finished goods directly to the end users. The business model is that the customer can order from their website and select the city and salon where she wants to set up her permanent hair extensions and end to end services are provided at 1/3rd cost of the market price by the company. Raw materials for these products are exported to different countries from India as India is only the ethical source of hair protein because in temples people donate their hair. They want to establish their brand worldwide.

  • Hair Originals Gross Profit and Sales

The company’s valuation is 30 cr. The sales of the company in the financial year 2021-22 is about Rs. 2.50 crore, last month the sales was 55 lakhs rupees.The sourcing is done mainly from the temples of south India and manufacturing units are set up at Gurgaon.The gross margin is around 60-65%.The PAT(Profit after tax) value is around 7 lakhs.They have raised 1cr. rupees of investment from angel investors.

  • Asks by the Pitchers of Hair Originals

Pitchers approach with a ask of 60 lakhs for 2% equity of the company.

  • Counter Offers for Hair Originals

Aman and Vineeta counter offers for 60 lakhs rupees in return for 6% equity in the company. Ashneer,Anupam and Peyush jointly counter offers for 60 lakhs rupees in return for 5% equity in the company.

Vineeta singh and Aman jointly counter offers for 60 lakhs rupees in return for 4% equity in the company. Pitchers asked Ashneer,Anupam and Peyush whether they would accept the counter offer of 4% equity for 60 lakhs or not.

  • Final Offer for Hair Originals

The final deal was done by Ashneer, Anupam and Peyush jointly for 4% equity for 60 lakhs rupees.

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 2. Poo De Colonge

shark tank india poo de colonge

  • Owner: Aditi Talwar Sodhi

Aditi  is the founder of Essentially Happy Marketing. She is 44 years old and hails from Mumbai and Dubai.

  • About Poo De Colonge

They have launched India’s first first pre toilet spray in February 2021. It is used before using the toilet. Their products contain 100% pure essential oil.Before using Toilet, the product is sprayed in the water bowl of toilet for 4 to 6 times. This forms a layer on water that locks the foul smell and does not allow it to spread in air. This can Be used in homes, restaurants, hotels, and working spaces. This can be used during travel also.

Currently they have variants. The floral variant is Poopsie Daisy, mint variant is Poops A Lot, Goody variant is Mask A Lot, pine variant is Poop Essential, citrus variant is Pooparazzi. They sell their products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, flipkart. It has a total of 400 sprays.

  • Poo De Colonge Gross Profit and Sales

The company’s valuation is 15 cr. Their sales till date is 4.5 lakhs. Last month sales were 75k. Gross margin is quite high.

  • Asks by the pitcher of Poo De Colonge

Pitchers approach with a ask of 75 lakhs for 5% equity of the company.

  • Final Offer for Poo De Colonge

All the shark tank india judges stepped out and no final deal was done.

 3. Moonshine Meads

shark tank india moonshine meads

  • Owners: Nitin Vishwas and Rohan Rehani. Both mechanical engineers.
  • About Moonshine Meads

Moonshine Meads is the brand which deals with alcoholic drinks called meads.Meads are made from fermented honey with seasonal fruits and alcohol.People used to consume meads 10,000 years ago. Meads which they made are contemporary meads, carbonated meads, slightly sweet and no artificial flavours are added.Their products are natural and proudly made in India.They started their company in 2016 .They are available in 4 states and will be available in four more states.Their aim is to take their brand to all over the world.

  •  Moonshine Meads Gross Profit and Sales

The valuation of the company is 160 crore rupees.Each bottle in Maharashtra is sold for ₹185 where distributors bought it for Rs.140.The making cost is Rs.35 and transportation cost is Rs. 5.Their gross margin is about Rs.100.The revenue in the FY18-19 was Rs.2 crore, in the next year it was increased to Rs.3.47 crore rupees and in the FY20-21 the revenue is about 3.72 crore rupees.They are looking to generate a revenue of Rs. 9 crore.They have raised a cumulative funds of Rs.12 crore when they started their business.

  • Ask by Pitchers of  Moonshine Meads

Pitchers asked 80 lakhs rupees in exchange for 0.5% equity in the company.

  • Counter offers for Moonshine Meads

Anupam mittal counter offers 80 lakhs in exchange for 2% equity in the company. The five sharks jointly offer 1 crore rupees in exchange for 2.5% equity in the company. Pitchers counter 1.5 crore rupees in exchange for 1.5% equity in the company.

  • Final Offer for Moonshine Meads

No offer was finalised as no sharks were interested with the counter offer of the pitchers.

 4. Falhari

shark tank india falhari

  • Owners: Druv Soni, Rahul Shankar Bharadwaj, Gulshan Sharma

Druv Soni is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay and also done MBA from IIM Bengaluru. Rahul Shankar Bharadwaj is also an Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay. While Gulshan Sharma is a mechanical engineer from Punjab University.

  • About Falhari

Falhari is India’s biggest fresh fruit brand.From Falhari one can order 200+ salads, Juices, Lassi, Yogurt and many more.The ordered item will reach you by 45 minutes at your doorsteps.The company was started in the year 2015.They are reaching most of the cities after starting from Gurgaon. Druv Soni was the first investor in the company and three of them are trying to establish Falhari, a reputed brand.

  • Falhari Gross Profit and Sales

The company’s valuation is 25cr. Last month they generated revenue of 20 lakhs oUT OF which is 25% iS gross margin. One box comEs at ₹250. Their 95 percent revenue comes from the recipes, health drinks, etc. In January 2020 they raised the first fund of 25 lakhs at 5cr valuation. Next in October 2020 they raised 17.6 lakhs at 10 cr company’s valuation. Again in March they raised 31.4 Lakhs at 10 cr company’s valuation. Then They raised 31.4 lakhs at a valuation of 25cr in August.

  • Asks by the Pitchers of Falhari

Pitchers approach with a ask of 50 lakhs for 2% equity of the company.

  • Counter offers for Falhari

Vineeta gave an offer of 50 lakhs for 8% equity, but later she said that she has a conditional offer to which the founders said no.

  • Final offer for Falhari

No final deal was done.

  • Shark Lesson of the Day

Shark Vineeta explained the meaning of gross margin. Gross margin is the amount of money left in your pocket, every time you sell an extra product. This means if you sell a product of Rs100 out of which Rs.40 is spent in making the product. Then the gross margin is 60% in every extra product.


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