Shark Tank India Episode 15 | Hammer, Cocofit, PNT Robotics | 7th January 2022

shark tank india hammer episode

1. Hammer Lifestyle

  • Owners: Chand Bhatia,Rohit Adanani and Rohit Singla.
  • About Business Hammer Lifestyle

Hammer Lifestyle, a smart ed-tech company that produces Bluetooth headsets, smart sockets, wireless chargers, electric toothbrushes, es, and many more which featured in the first season of Shark Tank India. The vision is to reach PAN India. They have 14 stock-keeping units. The top 3 of them are Hammer Bass, smartwatch, and wireless charger. They have two variants of watches costing Rs.2500 to Rs.3500. The smartwatch has calling facilities which the Boat lifestyle doesn’t have.

hammer boat shark tank india

  • Gross Profit and Sales

The company was started in the year 2019 and served 1.50 lakhs, customers, to date. The valuation of the company is 10 crore. The sales in the financial year of 2019-20 is about 2.5 crore, in the year 2020-21 it is about 5 crore and this year till date they have generated a turnover of 6 crore rupees and projected sales is about 10 crores for this financial year only.

  • Asks by the Pitchers:

Pitchers asked for 30 lakhs for 3% equity.

  • Counter Offers:

Namita Thapar showed no interest and she backed herself off. Peyush also backed off. Aman asked Rohit to sell his company for 1crore rupees i.e. 100% equity for 1 crore. Anupam and Ashneer counter offer for 1 crore for 25% equity in the company. Anupam backed himself out due to the conflicts in the mind of Rohit. Ashneer offers 1 cr. for 25% equity in the company. Aman counters for 75% equity for 1 crore rupees.

Pitcher asked whether Aman can revise the deal and Aman counter again for 50% equity for 1 crore rupees.
Aman again reduced the equity to 40% for 1 crore. Ashneer Grover counter offer for 20% equity for 1 crore rupees.

  • Final offer for Hammer Lifestyle

The final deal was done by Aman for 40% equity for 1 crore rupees.

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2. PNT Robotics and Automation Solutions

Owner Pratik Tirodhkar 24 years old; instrumentation engineer, Ashis Patil 24 years old too; AI specialist.

  • About PNT Robotics

The company deals with IoT, machine learning, AI, robotics, and modern technologies. They introduced ‘ADO’ the AI robot made by them which can recognize different languages, can identify a person seeing them. ADO has a screen attached to it and this kiosk can be used in hospitals for helping people,it can be used in malls to display ads for engagement, sales and also can be used in airports for eliminating language barriers. The robots which are being used in hospitals for delivering medicine to patients, sanitation processes are the products of their innovation. Asked about the business model they told that this is the prototype and they are involved in making students learn about robotics and how the robots can be made and will be in the process of selling the robots and robotic arm.

pnt robotics automations shark tank india

  • Gross Profit and Sales of PNT Robotics

The selling price of the robot is 6 lakhs rupees. They have thought of manufacturing and selling robots for eliminating day-to-day problems in our daily life.

  • Asks by the Pitchers of PNT Robotics

Pitchers asked for 50 lakhs for 4% equity in the company.

  • Counter offers for PNT Robotics

Anupam was not impressed by the business model and he backed himself off. Namita also backed herself because she has no expertise in this field. Ashneer was also interested and wasn’t involved in the dealing process.
Aman also backed off himself.

Peyush Bansal counters offer for 25% equity for 50 lakhs. He told that he will give 25 lakhs rupees and the remaining 25 lakhs rupees on debt.

Pitchers counter offer for 20% equity for 50 lakhs considering the loan condition.

  • Final offer for PNT Robotics

The final deal was done by Piyush Banshal for 25% equity for 50 lakhs.(25 lakhs in hand and 25 lakhs on loan).

3. Cocofit

  • Owners of Cocofit

Shashikant Visinigiri; Founder and CEO.Sunil Kumar Tentu;CEO. Pavan Kumar Seepana; the director of the company. The company is based in Hyderabad. They are software engineers by profession and childhood friends.

  • About Cocofit

Coconut production in India is quite high. But still, it’s an unhygienic sector in the country. Transportation of coconut is an issue as they are big in size and weight. This sector has one more problem. Health-conscious people don’t have many options for fruit juice except for diluting the packaged juice. To overcome all these problems, the brand Cocofit is introduced. Their view is to introduce the coconut business to the corporate world. They started their business in 2019. And despite the pandemic, they were able to open 31 outlets in 7 states. They have conditions as they received multiple franchise requests from different countries. They were looking for someone who can mentor them and have better knowledge than them.

Cocofit - shark tank india

  • Gross Profit and Sales of Cocofit

Their company valuation are ₹100. Till now they did business of 1.3 cr and their gross profit is 2.4 cr. And net profit is 2.1 cr. In the last two months, they sold two master franchises. The cost of one master franchise is 50 lakhs. From both the franchises they got a profit of 1cr. The average rate of their local store sale is 4 lakh. From their four stores, they are earning 16 lakhs. They received orders of 6 lakhs from franchises every month.

  • Asks by the Pitchers Cocofit

Pitchers asked for 5 Rs. for 5% stake in the company. This immediately brings sharks into surprise.

  • Counter offers for Cocofit

There was no counter offer by pitchers and sharks. Peyush and Ashneer step back but the other three sharks are interested.

  • Final offer for Cocofit

The final deal was done by Aman, Namita, and Anupam for 5 rs. for 5% equity.

Shark Lesson of the Day

Shark Ashneer suggested that one should focus on the execution of business, only good can not help. He said that the main game is between entrepreneurs and customers. If this relationship goes well, then success will automatically come.

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