Shark Tank India Episode 13 | Thinkerbell Labs, Carragreen, The Yarn Baazar | 5th January 2022

shark tank india prathmesh full episode

1. Thinkerbell Labs

Owner: Aman, Dilip, Sanskriti and Saif. They are college mates and working on this product’s idea since college days

  • About Thinkerbell Labs

One child in every 1000 children in India born with physical imbalance and education is very much tough for them. In USA too this rate of literacy is 10%. Thinkerbell labs introduced their product Annie which is the first self learning, remote enabled and Braille literacy device. This device can produce the sound in a friendly manner and teaches braille in the mother tongue of different regions. Annie has a entire ecosystem called Helios by which one can keep a track of child’s improvement and how they are developing. By using this machine one can learn reading, writing, typing and vocabulary. Annie has the options of Games, lessons and stories. They have one motto of tech for good. The device can be used for children of 4 to 15. This device helps in cognitive development. A child also came to show the demonstration of Annie.

Thinkerbell brandambessador Prathmesh from Pune won hearts of every sharks and Anupam Mittal share their chair with Prathamesh. Shark tank India Prathmesh is just 11 years old he shares his experience of Shark Tank India on Youtube channel Banter With Chetan.

thinkerlabs shark tank india

  • Gross Profit and Sales

They have done a deal with an american company of about 12 to 13 cr. About 700 Annies have to be delivered to the USA annually. Its American name is Polly. Many big names have invested in their business. The company’s valuation is 60cr. Price of one Annie is ₹70k to the distributors. Their total revenue is 5 cr. Their next year revenue target is 20 cr.

  • Asks by the pitchers of Thinkerbell Labs

The owners approach with a ask of 30 lakhs for 0.5% equity.

Exclusive Interview with Prathmesh from Shark Tank India

  • Counter offers for Thinkerbell Labs

Anupam mittal offers 30lakhs for 2% equity of the company later changes to 30 lakhs for 1% equity. Peyush offers 1cr for 5% equity or 30 lakhs for 1% equity. Namita offers 30 lakhs for 1% equity, later counters it with 30 lakhs for 0.75% equity.

The owners gave a counter offer of 1cr for 2.5%equity to include all the four sharks on board. Again four sharks Anupam, Peyush, Ashneer, Namita gave a counter offer to 1cr for 4%equity. Meanwhile, shark ashneer step back.

  • Final offer for Thinkerbell Labs

The final deal is done with three sharks Anupam Peyush and Namita of 1.05cr for 3% equity.

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2. Carragreen

  • Owners: Surabhi Shah and Chetna Shah,

Surabhi Shah, 32 years of age and Chetna Shah,52 years of age and they have come from the cleanest city of India , Indore.
Surabhi completed her MBA from IIM Bangalore.

  • About business Carragreen

Most household products made up plastic and when we used to keep hot foods in it we consume micro plastic with the food and this can cause severe cancer in human life.Over 200 metric tonne of plastic from spoons,plates,containers are wasted.So in order to decrease the consumption of plastic they have introduced Caragreen which produces carra box using the ‘mantra’ reuse, reduce and recycle.This magic box can be converted into plate and spoon by cutting through the perforation dots present on the box.The box is made up of food grade board.Their aim is to reach to all food delivery services.They have five big customers like hladiram’s, balaji food and three more.

carragreen shark tank india

  • Gross profit and Sales Carragreen

The cost price is around 11.5 rupees and selling price is rs 15.All most 4 to 5 lakhs spoons are sold during the last month which produces a net profit of rs 80k to 90k rupees. They had the demo of the box and had not started to sell those boxes yet.This is in the demo phase.

  • Asks by the pitchers Carragreen

Pitchers asked 50 lakhs for 10 percentage equity.

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  • Counter offers for Carragreen

Anupam and Peyush counter offer for 50 lakhs for 25 Percentage equity. Chetna and Surabhi again counter for 12% equity for 50 lakhs.
Anupam and Peyush counter for 20% equity for 50 lakhs rupees.

  • Final offer for Carragreen

The deal was completed by Anupam and Peyush for 50 lakhs rupees for 20% equity in the company.

3. The Yarn Bazaar

  • Owners: Pratik Gadia. He hails from Mumbai.
  • About Yarn Bazaar

The Yarn bazaar is an end to end B2B marketplace and the motto of this business is to organise all the unorganised textile business.The textile industry has developed with modern technology but apart from this the marketing, advertising , purchasing ,sales are the pillars of any industry.This platform provides a one stop solution for buying and selling of yarn. The main pain point of the textile business is the irregular supply chain which affects both the topline and bottomline of the business. As in the textile industry you have to catch up with many suppliers for the prices and if price is decided then it can have the delivery issues.

yarn bazar shark tank india

The app interface is good and the buyer puts up a message about the needs and the staffs provide them with quotation in the app only and the buyer can decide what to buy,how much quantity they would buy and where to deliver. They white labelled the yarns made by small industries and also worked with the products development and they have their expertise teams.

  • Gross Profit and Sales

They have started their operations in 2019 just before the covid and made about 212 crores transaction with 100% advance payment. The last month’s transaction was 10 crore and the company has generated a revenue of Rs.15 lakhs which is around 1.5% of the transaction done.They have generated about 1300 sales and no buyers and sellers are there who have not fulfilled the commitment.

  • Asks by the pitchers of Yarn Bazaar

The owners approach with a ask of 50 lakhs for 2%equity.

  • Counter offers for Yarn Bazaar

All the four sharks Anupam, Peyush, Ashneer and Aman gave a joint offer of 1cr for 10% equity of the company.
Pratik gave a counter offer of 1.25cr for 10% equity.

  • Final offer for Yarn Bazaar

Lastly the deal was done with the four sharks tat 1cr for 10% equity of the company.

  • Shark Lesson of the Day

The lesson of the day is given by shark Peyush bansal. He suggested that budding entrepreneurs should keep two things in mind. First is what problem they are solving and how big the problem is. Secondly, they should have a clear vision behind their business.

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