Shark Tank India Episode 12 | Auli Lifestyle, Sweedesi, Loka | 4th January 2022

shark tank india episode 12 sweedesi

1. Auli Lifestyle

  • Owner Name: Aishwarya Biswas from Kolkata.

After completing 12 she was not interested to stay in kolkata and from SP Jain she did her MBA from dubai singapore. According to her, like any bureaucratic family her family also wanted her to engage in a corporate job and she worked as a BTL Head in marketing for a MNC company.

shark tank india aulilife

  • About Business

The company is all about making Ayurvedic cosmetic products. In recent times women are Highly engaged in makeup and beauty products and most of these products are harmful for the skin. The products make the skin smooth and wrinkle free. At the age of 40 you can look like a 20 years old. The company has 15000 customers and 57 percent are repeat customers. The company has its presence in all the major e-commerce platforms as well as physical stores.Asked by Namita if family wants her to marry whether she will engage in this business or the business will shut down.Aishwarya said she just smiled at this and left it like this.The company has 15 staffs till now.

  • Gross Profit and Sales of Auli Lifestyle

Revenue for the FY19-20 is about 35 lakhs,for the FY 20-21 it is 120lakhs and the projected revenue for the FY 21-22 is about 250 lakhs.
The 75% sales is mostly done by word of mouth, from social media and their websites,15% from other websites and 10% from whatsapp and offline salons. Their gross margin is about 80%. The company has raised a fund of 1.25 crore at the valuation of 10 crore of the company. The company has collected funds from a total of 4 other investors. The offer she had asked for is for marketing and advertising.

  • Ask by Pitchers for Auli Lifestyle

Pitchers asked for 75 lakhs for 4% equity in the company.

  • Offer and Counter offers for Auli Lifestyle

  1. Anupam and Peyush backed off.
  2. Ashneer asked Aishwarya for co-founder but she denied and he backed off himself too.
  3. Aman Gupta did not like to invest as he was not sure whether Aishwarya can scale it up or not.
  4. Namita counter offer for 20% equity for 75 lakhs.

Pitchers asked for a change in equity a bit. Namita then asked for 18% equity. Aishwarya counters for 15% equity for 75 lakhs.

  • Final Offer for Auli Lifestyle

Shark namita thapar completed the deal for 15% equity for 75 lakhs rupees.

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2. SweeDesi

  • Owners: Suman Choudhary and Vinod Kulhari are the founders of Sweedesi.
  • About SweeDesi

Sweets are the one of the most loved foods of every indian. Every occasion and festivals in India are incomplete without sweets. With this concept they opened this company. Sweedesi will provide one’s favourite sweet in completely fresh condition of any city to their doorstep within 24 hours. All the sharks tasted the sweets from different cities. Sweedesi wants to bring all the regional players of this industry to the same platform in an organised way. So that people can access them globally. Through the supply chain model of Sweedesi, fresh sweets are delivered to customers within very less time.

shark tank india sweedesi

Gross profit and sales- The company’s valuation is 13.33cr. Their average order value is between ₹700-750. If the order value is less than ₹500, then the delivery value is ₹60 within the city and if the order value is between ₹500-1000, then delivery value is ₹40 outside the city and above ₹1000 delivery value is zero. Their repeat rate is 85%. Their daily orders are around 30.

  • Asks by the pitchers of SeeDesi

The owners approach with a ask for 40lakhs for 3% equity.

  • Final offer for SweeDesi

Many problems were cited by sharks regarding scale up, time management etc. Hence all the Sharks step out and no deal was done.

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3. Loka

  • Owner: Krishnan Sundararajan is the owner of Loka from Delhi.

He has completed his b tech from SRM University. Later he did an android course. He is an repeat entrepreneur and started a food tech company in 2015 named foodiebaba. Lessons he learned from the failure of foodie baba is:

  • Trust the data and not on your guts.
  • Get the right team
  • Timely pivot
  • About LOKA

He explained the problem of technology. Technology is connecting people as well as detaching them from the outside world. Technology is the problem and technology is itself the solution. Loka is India’s first meta verse app that gives real time, real place experience By a third party app. He explained how Loka works and its advantages over zoom calls. Here users can get a digital avtar and can enjoy the environment of different places, talk to the people over there. They can go to nearby places, can go shopping in flipkart or myntra which directly opens in the app.

shark tank india loka

  • Gross Profit and Sales of LOKA

The company’s valuation is 8 crores

  • Asks by the pitcher of LOKA

His ask is for 40lakhs in exchange of 5%equity.

  • Counter offers for LOKA

Anupam, Peyush and Aman gave a joint offer of 40 lakhs for 25% equity. Krishnan give a counter offer to 40 lakhs for 20%. The joint offer by three sharks counters it by 40 lakhs for 24% equity.

  • Final offer for LOKA

So final deal is done with three sharks Anupam, Peyush and Aman at 40 lakhs for 24% equity.

Shark Lesson of the Day

Today’s lesson of the day is given by shark anupam mittal. He motivates the entrepreneurs to think big. In today’s world, all information is available on the internet. Use the information, grab the speed and scale up large to make your company,the biggest company of the world.


  1. I would like request Mr. Krishnan Sundararajan of LOKA to develop an app to solve the problem faced by the tradesmen who are facing huge losses due to closure of All India Industrial Exhibition at Hyderabad on the very next day of its opening, due to increase in Covid cases.

    An app where the customers can virtually visit the Exhibition and buy the products from the tradesmen who have installed their shops in the “All India Industrial Exhibition at Hyderabad”

    The treadsmen have come here from all over India with lots of hope.

  2. What are you guys trying to prove????

    How can your shark, who is responsible citizen of India can say that Ayurveda can’t solve health issues…..if that’s the case why the government is appointing BAMS doctor under Ayush scheme?

    We all know there are problems where ayurveda has a proven track record.

    If someone in the panel has a problem which can effect 100s and 1000s of people across India should keep his/her opinion to themselves.

    People in india still go to ayurveda doctors and ayurveda doctors are legally allowed to perform their practice.

    Binita should apologize to the BAMS fraternity and also to the segment of citizens qho still believe in Ayurveda….

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