Shark Tank India Episode 10 | Event Beep, Meatyour, Nuutjob | 31st December 2021

shark tank india 10 meatyour

1. EventBeep

  • Offer: 30 lakhs for 2% equity
  • Founders:
  1. Rakhi Paul, 30% equity
  2. Saurabh Mangrorkar, 40% equity
  3. Vankatesh Prasad, 30% equity
  • About EventBeep

It is an application that helps students who study in colleges other than IITs or similar such colleges in just 3 steps.

  • STEP 1: Digitize the college of the respective students in a more engaging way. The app contains all the details like assignment submission dates, notes, exams etc where after completing the tasks they earn coins. These coins can be used to buy products from the app as well.
  • STEP 2: Make the students part of a community where they can interact with students of top colleges and work together in projects as well as connect them to top mentors.
  • STEP 3: Industrial and Practical exposure. Bring in companies where they can list their internships, job vacancy information and thus contributing to their growth.

shark tank india nuutjob

  • The Backstory of EventBeep

Saurabh got exposure to the business world from the age of 14-15 and earned enough to pay for his college fees on his own. Venkatesh had exposure towards computer science and looks after the technology department in Eventbeep. Rakhi participated in the clubs and societies and helped her friends connect to mentors.
Rakhi has been an inspiration for them, as she left home to start her journey as an entrepreneur due to lack of family support.

  • How EventBeep Make Revenue

  1. Charge colleges for Gamification and Digitalization campus. App is a free module and is charged after one or two years.
  2. Charge brands for advertising, running brand campaigns.
  3. Integrate Ed-Tech courses
  4. Events/Workshop/Seminar Ticketing
  • EventBeep Numeration

  • Initial Community Members: 10,000
  • Present Community Members: 60,000
  • Daily Active: 1800
  • Weekly Active: ~4500
  • Monthly Active: 9000
  • Revenue (6 months) : 65,00,000 INR
  • Engagement Time: 20 minutes every day
  • Offer for EventBeep

Ashneer offered 30 lakhs for 2% equity and an additional 10 lakhs for secondary shares that will directly go to Rakhi’s account and take .5% return on that.

Peyush offered 30 lakhs for 2% equity and Aman offered 30 lakhs for 2% equity.

However, Anupam and Namita stepped out of the deal.

  • Shark Suggestions for EventBeeep

Ashneer suggested giving credit to students instead of points. While Aman gupta suggested focusing on community building. Also, Peyush suggested focusing on tech.

The pitchers negotiated at 40 lakhs against 3% equity and asked all the three sharks to join hands. The sharks asked them to take down to 30 lakhs and the deal was done at 30 lakhs for 3% equity.

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2. Meatyour

  • Offer: 30 lakhs for 5% equity
  • MEATYour Founders:
  1. Vardhaman Gandhi, the father, an accountant by profession.
  2. Sai, the youngest son, 21, Civil Engineer
  3. Arnabh, the eldest son, IT engineer

shark tank india meatyour

  • About MEATYOUR

They have at present 9 hubs in Mumbai, 3 hubs in Pune. The chickens are left to survive in an open environment and are given fruits, vegetables, worms, and insects for additional nutrition. The most unique about the product is that it doesn’t smell making it suitable for consumption for any age group.

  • Story Behind MEATYOUR

Going back 7 years, Vardhaman bought 15 chickens and one fine day one of them laid a brown egg which they sold for 50 INR. At present, they have 20,000 chickens. For the last 6 years they have been supplying eggs to big companies, brands, and suppliers. Later, they started to focus on the D2C segment and thus the beginning of Meatyour.

One can place their order for meetyour through WhatsApp.

  • Sales/Revenue of MEATYOUR

  1. B2B Business
    Turnover: 1.3 Cr
    Production(net): 3.5- 5.5
    Profit margin: 30%
  2. B2C Business
    Sales: 16.1 lakhs
    Monthly sales: 2.8 lakhs
    Cost per egg: Rs. 5/-
    Sales: 9.16 lakhs(gross)
    Profit margin: 30%, without customer acquisition.

Customers retention from last 6 months: 15%

  • MEATYOUR Stake Details

Vardhaman: 50%, Arnabh, Arnabh’s wife and mother: 16%, Sai: 0%

The acquisition will be changed in the future to 20% each , where Sai would be the CEO of the company.

  • Sharks Suggestions for MEATYOUR

  1. Peyush
    Merge B2B and B2C segment.
    Bring a co-founder who has a strong hold on technology and supply chain
  2. Aman
    Make a tech team and expand the module other than selling eggs
    Build an app
  • Offer for MEATYOUR

  1. Aman and Peyush
    30 lakhs for 20% equity.
  2. Anupam
    30 lakhs for 20% equity.
  • Final Deal for MEATYOUR

Aman, Peyush and Anupam offered 30 lakhs for 20% equity. While Anupam and Namita stepped out of the deal.

The pitchers tried to negotiate at 30 lakhs for 14% equity with Aman and Peyush. They accepted and the deal was made at the final offer by the three sharks.

Watch Full Video Below:

3. Nuutjob

  • Offer: 25 lakhs for 5% equity
  • FounderS:
    Anushree Maloo who is a marketer at entertainment-based company. And Ananya Maloo, handles the operation department of a modular kitchen brand. both from Ahmedabad.

shark tank india nuutjob

  • About the Nuutjob

It is a Male intimate hygienic product selling company, Nuutjob. Itching comes from heat, sweat and continuous grinding. To overcome these issues people are using powder.The products are;

  • Nuutwash, a 4-in-1 wash for intimate areas, body and hair.
  • Moisturizer
  • Nuutfresh, a revolutionary deo for intimate areas.

The products are free from talc, aluminum, and paraben.

First in India, for the liquid powder and deo fresh. They are produced by a third-party manufacturer. The formulation was taken from the US brands but customized according to Indian skin and geography.

Nuutjob is a brand. The company is Manscape ink where they will manufacture diverse products in the future.

  • Sales of Nuutjob

  1. Production: 500 units of each product i.e. 1500
  2. Sales: 500 units
  3. Monthly Sales: 150-160 units
  4. Gross margin: 70%
  5. Cost: 114/- per piece
  6. Selling: 399/- per piece
  • Offer for Nuutjob

  1. Ashneer offered 25 lakhs for 5% equity
  2. Ashneer and Anupam
    25 lakhs for 25% equity
    Revised offer
    25 lakhs for 15% equity
  3. Peyush, Namita and Aman
    25 lakhs for 20% equity

The deal was done at 25 lakhs for 10% equity with sharks Peyush, Namita, and Aman.

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