Sepal Shark tank India Season 2 Episode16

sepal shark tank

Sepal Shark Tank Season 2

Company name Sepal
Founders Kashyap Addepally and Vidhey Addepally
Ask ₹50 lakhs for 1% equity

Sepal Founders

Kashyap and Vidhey are the founders of Hyderabad.
Vidhey did his B.Tech in Civil engineering from IIT Bombay. Then he got a chance in Stanford University but he chose not to join Stanford for his higher studies and got deep into this innovation. Kashyap is from Architecture and Designing background. He did his graduation from Pune and his master’s degree from the UK.

About the company Sepal

It is very embarrassing when you get wet while riding your bike to your office on rainy days and you are late to your office. isn’t it? So no need to worry further. Kashyap and Videhy have introduced Sepal, which is the first canopy structure for any bike which can be fitted easily and can prevent rain, dust, scorching Sun, and pollution. This structure is so hard that riding over 100 km/hr will not damage the product. In addition to this, this structure can convert your bike into a smart bike. One can use navigation, call functions, music system while riding on the bike through its own application from the mobile. This structure has been used in 25 states in India to date and shipped globally around the UK, US, Middle East, and African countries. They are going to launch a scooter of their brand in the upcoming future years. The working principle is very simple. The product can be installed very easily by anybody. The product comes in three parts. A base; has to be fixed on the fuel tank with the industrial strap attached to it. This is aerospace-based material. The windshield is made up of hard plastic. The front canopy is made up of proprietary materials which make it strong and durable.

Ask by the Owners Sepal

The pitchers asked for ₹50 lakhs in exchange for 1% equity at the valuation of 50 crores.

Sepal Sales And Revenue

The unit price is Rs. 10000. They have sold around 1000 units since they launched their company 7 months. Last month they sold 160 units. In the month of June, they made sales of 10 lakhs rupees, in July 12 lakhs, and in August 13 lakhs. Their gross margin is 37%. They have raised 2.2 cr. rupees with a pre-money valuation of 22.5 cr. rupees in the year 2022.

Vs Mani And Co Shark Tank

Offers and counter offers

Peyush gives an offer of 50 lakhs for 2% equity.

Sepal Final deal

The deal was finalized with Peyush for 50 lakhs in exchange of 2% equity.




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