Patilkaki Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 4

shark tank india patilkaki

Patilkaki Shark Tank India Season 2

PatilKaki featured in the second season of Shark Tank India.

Company name Patilkaki
Founders Vinit Govinda Patil, Geeta Govinda Patil, Darshil Anil Savla
Ask ₹40 lakhs for 2.5% equity

Patilkaki Founders

Vinit Govinda Patil, Geeta Govinda Patil, Darshil Anil Savla. Vinit and Darshil are 21 year old and school dropouts. They had previously started an IT service company.

About the Company Patilkaki

In 2020 the company started. This is Home style snacks brand that caters snacks like chakli, chivda, puran poli, modak and laddu that remind home. Patilkaki is a home style snack made with no harmful ingredients and maintains all the hygiene.
They sell their product through their website. Till date they have reached 18000 customers and their vision is to deliver their homemade snacks to pan India. They want to take the concept of Patilkaki to every Indian home. The best selling product is Modak. Modak and puran poli are their cloud kitchen products and other products are scalable. The current shelf life is 25 to 30 days and after introducing nitrogen flushing the expected shelf life will be 2.5 months. Previously they raised 7.5 lakhs at the valuation of ₹10 crores then they had raised ₹29 lakhs at ₹10 crore valuation.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Brandsdaddy

Ask by the pitchers of Patilkaki

The founders made an ask of 40 lakhs for 2.5% equity at the valuation of 16 crores.

Other Information About the Company

The average selling prices ₹650. Out of total economic making cost is 25%, 5% is packaging, 15% in additional delivery, 25% is gross margin and marketing is 30% . Their revenue in FY 21 to 22 is ₹1.4 crores in FY 22-23 year to date the revenue is ₹1.02 crores and the projectives sales this year is around ₹3 crores. Monthly profit on June 22 was ₹1.08 lakhs and in July it was ₹2 lakhs and in August the profit was ₹6.5 lakhs.

Offers and Counter Offers

Anupam and Peyush gave an offer of ₹40 lakh for 4% equity of the company at the evaluation of ₹10 crores.
Veenita offered ₹40 lakhs for 10% equity at the valuation of ₹4 crores.
Aman gave an offer of ₹40 lakhs for 5% equity at the valuation of 8 crores. Aman revised his offer for ₹40 lacs for 4% equity.

Final deal Of Patilkaki

The final deal was closed with Anupam and Peyush offering 40 lakhs of a 4% equity.



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