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Padcare is an Automatic Hygiene Management System that uses discarded sanitary napkins or pads to produce a safe, recyclable output. It converts absorbent sanitary waste into cellulose and plastic through a multi-step mechanical process. Ajinkya Dhariya, the creator of the Padcare Vending Machine, requests funding on Shark Tank India Season 2. The Padcare platform manages used sanitary products and disposes of them in a way that has a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. It is the world’s first B2B menstrual hygiene management platform.
Sharks and investors have praised the Padcare Vending Machine, which allows for the secure disposal of sanitary pads, and it has received a high company valuation. Padcare Vending Machines, also known as Sanitary Pad Disposal Machines, are the way of the future since everyone is concerned about their health and hygiene and prefers to dispose of sanitary pads properly.
The five sharks were all impressed by Ajinkya’s ground-breaking innovation, which benefits women. You can get the valuation of your choice, according to Peyush Bansal. The product was complimented by Namita, Vineeta, and Anupam, who said, “Sach Mein Bharat Badal Raha Hai.”

The Process of using the Padcare Machine

They are recycling 120 Lac pads a year. But the number is still just 1% of the total pads disposed of in India. As the unrecycled pads take 800 years to decompose, one can protect the planet from period plastic, help recycle more pads with a simple solution by getting special sanitary pad dustbins from Padcare.

The Process of using the Padcare Machine

  • Menstrual patients dispose of pads in a safe and hygienic dedicated PadCare bin.
  • Pads are removed from the PadCare container monthly by trained service personnel.
  • The patented 5D technology recycles pads
  • The company makes paper and plastic-based items from recycled materials.


  • Commercial- With a straightforward sanitary waste solution in their restrooms, schools, universities, companies, and restaurants may reduce tonnes of carbon emissions each month.
  • Residential- By including a PadCare Bin in their already-existing waste management system, residential-housing societies may assist menstruators’ sustainability.
  • Community: To target menstruators on a local level, they collaborate with a number of groups. For instance, a municipality may choose to make all of the city’s public restrooms accessible to their services.

The Padcare Phenomenon, some valuable data

  • More than 100 MT Pads recycled
  • More than 5500 Bins installed
  • More than 1000000 Women participating in this process
  • About 500 MT of Carbon emissions are reduced
  • About 1800 Mn Ltr Landfill area is saved

The Technology Used Padcare

  • After throwing pads in the box it is collected within 20 mins.
  • Then the weight is measured to maintain data. The machine is automatically started. After 20 mins cellulose and plastic are separated.
  • The Recycling Unit is Padcare’s core innovation. It works on 5D technology. It runs on a chemomechanical mechanism process where the input material is used with sanitary pads, and the output is segregated into cellulose and plastic.
  • The first D of 5D is disintegration, where a special-purpose shredder has been designed to shred the input material. This involves 2 stage shredding. The used sanitary pads have a certain thickness and elastic material so shredding this makes it normally difficult.
  • Hence this special shredder is designed.
  • The remaining 4 D’s work with Cytoslay. Cytoslay is their own IP. Cytoslay is a chemical solution made internally at Padcare.
  • Through this, they get complete disinfection, decolorization, and odor are removed. The major material in the pad is a super absorbent polymer also called magic gel. This also gets deactivated.
  • So the output material they get is cellulose and plastic. This is completely safe to handle.

The Core Members Of The Team Padcare

  • Ajinkya Dhariya is the founder and CEO of the company.
  • Shriniwas Adhe is the engineering lead.
  • Aasawari work as CSR and Partnership Lead.
  • Kanchi works as a marketing lead.
  • Amit works as operations lead.

padcare founder

Overall Objectives Of Padcare, Shark Tank India start-up


The amount of fatalities and illnesses brought on by air, water, and soil pollution that may be brought on by otherwise buried or burned pads is significantly decreased by PadCare’s comprehensive and cutting-edge menstrual waste management system.

Additionally, it lowers the risk of infection in waste-pickers who collect menstrual waste without protective equipment and women who change pads in public restrooms.


By empowering women to have more control over the activities of their own bodies, PadCare’s privacy-sensitive and cautious technology advance the Goal. By eradicating the stigma associated with menstruation, PadCare also seeks to destroy the binary social construct that divides men and women.

They strive for complete equity among all genders through facilitating cleanliness, sustainability, and safety for womankind.


By offering a secure, touch-free, and personalized sanitary pad disposal device, PadCare supports the core goal of this SDG, which is to ensure that women have access to sufficient and equitable sanitation and hygiene services.

In addition to providing hygiene and sanitation facilities for sanitation workers and waste pickers, their conceptual approach to safe waste management transforms it into a public health facility for international development.


The core vision of PadCare is Sustainability and futuristic development. They strive to enable and enhance inclusive urbanization for generations to come by safeguarding the air, water and land resources from the plight of contamination and infertility.

Their ground-breaking technology makes it possible to recycle and recover resources from sanitary waste, which is a significant step toward achieving global sustainability with local, individual participation.


According to the Eco Guide, using average feminine hygiene products for a year generates a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents. The invention by PadCare prevents sanitary pads from entering landfills and sewage systems, as well as ending practices of incineration and burial, both of which have been shown to have severe negative environmental effects.

Values of the Padcare

The real motive is to breathe cleaner air and sustain life on earth for generations to come.

  • Progressive- They work towards achieving progress every second of every day.
  • Perceptive- By being empathetic in an organization, they understand the pain points that people face on an everyday basis. In
  • Pragmatic- They understand that things take time – be it change, innovation, or success. They work hard every day to improve the quality of every process.
  • Persistence- They pride themselves in having the resilience to keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances or challenges.
  • Passionate- They are people who aim for the most remarkable and never settle for the routine.

Awards And Recognition for the company Padcare

  • FICCI-ISC Award 2020
  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • Toilet Board Coalition 2019
  • Total Social Enterprise Challenge 2020
  • National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition 2019
  • Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention 2018
  • Loksatta Tarun Tejankit Award
  • Yash Entrepreneurs Program
  • NASSCOM’s Innovative Startup Award 2019

To know more watch Padcare Sanitary Disposal Machine Pitch in Shark Tank India Season 2. Keep Watching Shark Tank India season from Monday to Friday 10 Pm on Sony TV.

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