Organic Smokes Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 5

shark tank organic smokes

Organic Smokes Shark Tank India Season 2

Company Name Organic Smokes
Founders Nitin Chabbra, Piyush Chabbra, Gaurav Chabbra
Ask 1 cr. for 1% equity

About the founders of Organic Smokes

Nitin Chabbra, Piyush Chabbra, and Gaurav Chabbra are brothers and are from Haryana. Their ancestors have an ayurvedic business and from there they got the hype to take their business to new heights. they featured in Shark Tank India Season 2.

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About the company Organic Smokes

Organic Smoke is based on making herbal cigarettes..Products are being made with the concept of the old ayurvedic formula. This formula is made up of Tulsi, Green Tea, Rose Petals, Spearmint, and many other exotic herbs which gives you the same satisfaction as you smoke normal cigarettes. They have replaced Nicotine with Caffeine.

Ask by the pitchers

Pitchers asked for 1 cr. for 1% equity.

Other information about the company Organic Smokes

The company has got approved by Ayush Ministry. Their sales for one month is 40 lakhs. The EBITDA means net profit after all expenses were 4 lakhs rupees. They have made sales all over India through 45 distributors. They have made their marketing through exhibitions. Their products are sold in Paan shops, medicines stores, and wellness stores. Their all products are made from complete herbal solutions. The price for a pack of 10 cigarettes is 250 rupees. They have sales of Rs. 7 lakhs in the month of April. They have made sales of Rs. 20 lakhs, 14 lakhs, 15 lakhs and 40 lakhs for the consecutive months. They aim to close this FY with sales of 5 cr. rupees.

Shark Tank Flatheads Founder who made everyone emotional

Offers and Counter Offers

All the sharks stepped out from making a deal with the pitchers as they were not sure about how the company will scale in the future.

Final Deal Organic Smokes

No deal was done as no sharks were interested in the deals.


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