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IPL Introduction

The Indian Premier League 2023 is currently taking place, and we are aware that cricket bettors are really eager to capitalise on it. Do you want to find the finest IPL betting apps? If so, you are fortunate. We’ve chosen the top five IPL betting sites in India, ipl betting tips, the risk associated with the betting apps and their money-making loop for today’s article. Keep on reading.

IPL 2023 Betting Apps

  1. BETWAY APP, the IPL Betting App for Promotions

The most popular cricket betting app, Betway, is secure to download and features easy navigation. Through the mobile app, it is simple to follow live match information and place in-play wagers.


  • You can download the software on any device you like, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android users. Their customer service team, who are accessible via live chat and email, quickly resolves any issue.
  • The Betway mobile app offers the best promotions because it allows you to select from various cricket-specific betting bonuses. They develop multiple IPL bonus offers rather than just one, which distinguishes the bookmaker in the betting market.
  • Additionally, local payment methods like the lightning-fast UPI are among the withdrawal alternatives offered on the Betway app. The app is reliable because of the transactions’ excellent security against fraud.
  • Betway: 100% deposit bonus up to ₹2,500

    2. PARIMATCH APP, the IPL Welcome Bonus Betting App

If you’re searching for the best IPL welcome bonus available, look no further than Parimatch India. The bookmaker gives a sizable bonus with extremely straightforward wagering conditions. When you can redeem the Parimatch IPL welcome bonus using the app, it becomes considerably simpler to claim it.


  • You can get up to Rs 10,000 in free bets when you download the Parimatch app and put your first deposit in. You can use these free bets to wager on any sport, including cricket events. You are free to use the free bets any way you see fit because there are no restrictions on how much you can bet with them.
  • Android users may download the IPL prediction 2023 app through the bookmaker’s official website, and iOS users can do so from both the bookmaker’s website and their respective app stores. You may easily make money using the bookie’s extensive selection of banking alternatives, and depositing money on the IPL Prediction app is similarly simple.
  • Parimatch: 150% bonus up to ₹20,000.

     3. BET365 APP, the live Betting App for the IPL

Bet365 is among the most reputable bookmakers in India. It has been active in the online gaming industry for more than ten years and has a good understanding of its players’ needs. The bookmaker is a blessing for cricket bettors as it offers competitive odds on both its website and a cutting-edge Betting IPL Prediction 2023 App.


  • While watching an IPL game live, there are certain cricket bet types that are most enjoyed. For this reason, the Bet365 app features a live betting function that you can use to enjoy watching the IPL for free while placing bets at the same time.
  • The Bet365 app is user-friendly for beginners and has a good design. On the most recent models of Android and iOS smartphones, all users can download the app. Installing the former is possible through the official website. While iPhone owners outside of India can access it through their local app store. Indian iOS gamblers can, however, make use of the bookmaker through the Bet365 mobile website.
  • Your betting experience will be the finest thanks to the live scores and Bet365 cash out. IPL live streaming is simple because the app is designed to work with your specific device.
  • Bet365: 15% of qualifying deposit in bet credits up to ₹4,000

      4. DAFABET APP, the popular IPL Betting App

There are many different IPL betting applications available to Indian gamblers. However, we have noticed that they always choose the Dafa sports app without hesitating, so we won’t fight that point.


  • Because you can easily locate the finest IPL betting odds on your screen when you visit the app’s home page, the app is well-known for its particular focus on cricket matches, particularly the IPL. Additionally, you have a platform for betting exchanges, which improves your game experience.
  • On the official website, you can download a separate website version of the Dafabet app for convenient online gaming. It is simple to choose not only IPL betting events but also other sports. It is advantageous for bettors since you must go to the menu and select the sports to access betting on different sports.
  • Dafabet: 170% bonus up to Rs 17,000.

    5. FAIRPLAY APP, the new IPL Betting App

The god of cricket “AB De Villiers” was once the face of Fairplay, and he recommends the app as one of the top IPL betting applications in India. The Fairplay app is simple to use, and its website offers a number of cricket betting options. On the homepage, the sport is given its own section, making it simple for newcomers to find their favourite events


  • Scrolling down the website will reveal a special IPL betting section. While the Indian Premier League 2023 is taking place, you can find all the features the bookmaker provides here. Because you can locate live gambling events, we think it’s one of the top IPL betting apps.
  • From the official website, you may download the Fairplay app. An apk file is downloaded as soon as you click on the provided link, and you can then continue with the installation. Choose the IPL mobile betting site of the bookmaker that closely resembles the app if you can’t find the app or want to preserve space on your smartphone.
  • Fairplay: 30% bonus up to Rs 3000.

6. 1Win best Betting App for IPL

The 1win app is a comprehensive online platform that offers a wide range of features and services to its users. Here are some of the key features of the 1win app:

  1. Sports Betting: The 1win app allows users to place bets on a variety of sports events from around the world. It offers a diverse selection of sports, including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and many more. Users can choose from a range of betting options and enjoy live betting during matches.
  2. Casino Games: The app provides an extensive collection of casino games, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Users can enjoy a realistic casino experience with high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay.
  3. Live Casino: The 1win app features a live casino section where users can play their favourite table games with live dealers. This immersive experience allows users to interact with real dealers and other players in real time.
  4. eSports Betting: In addition to traditional sports, the 1win app offers betting options for popular eSports events. Users can place bets on tournaments and matches for games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, and more.
  5. Virtual Sports: The app provides virtual sports betting, allowing users to bet on simulated sports events. Virtual sports offer an exciting alternative for users to enjoy sports betting at any time, regardless of real-world events.
  6. Secure and Convenient Transactions: The 1win app ensures secure and hassle-free transactions. Users can easily deposit and withdraw funds using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both novice and experienced users to navigate and explore the different features. The intuitive layout allows for seamless browsing and betting.
  8. Bonuses and Promotions: 1win offers a range of bonuses and promotions to its app users. These may include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback offers, and loyalty rewards. These promotions enhance the overall betting experience and provide additional value to users.
  9. 24/7 Customer Support: The app provides round-the-clock customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter. Users can reach out to the support team via live chat, email, or phone, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed.

IPL Betting apps

IPL 2023 Betting Tips

  • Keep up with the sport

Can you make money betting on cricket? Well, if you want to try to make money betting on cricket, IPL 2023 betting sites are perhaps the most important box you can click. Whether you’re placing bets on the IPL or another major cricket league, you need to closely monitor the game to stay up to date on the latest statistics, top players, rule changes, and fresh talent. By doing this, one can improve their ability to make better betting decisions by increasing their grasp on the game. Make it a routine to analyse H2H statistics and assess previous outcomes to stay up to date with the sport. The top lives cricket scores websites and applications can help with this.

  • Check out pitch reports

Pitch reading is a useful method for IPL 2023 betting prediction that how the game will progress at certain points. Selecting a good bet depends on one’s understanding of the pitch. Consider the weather for the game day as well as the field. Both on sports news sites and with a fast Google search, you can find these reports.

  • Research gambling markets

You must take the time to learn about the several cricket betting markets that are available to you and what each one specifically offers. The betting markets and odds vary as each delivery gets bowled within seconds, so there isn’t much time to think about it when live betting.

  • Use an exchange for betting

If you want to advance your wagering abilities, betting exchange websites are a blessing. These websites essentially let you place a lay bet, or a wager on the result of an event that won’t happen. Using a betting exchange, you can wager on a cricket match’s chances of winning or losing. These websites act as a buffer, allowing you to lessen risks and losses. Along with time, the technique is still not that difficult. Therefore, we advise you to at least once try any of the top betting exchange websites and applications.

  • Compare odds and look for value

If you signed up with many reputable bookies, it would be beneficial because different websites offer different odds for certain markets. Therefore, it is unlikely that a single operator will offer the best cricket betting odds across all markets. You can determine the best value of bookmakers by comparing prices. To determine competition, calculate the bookmaker’s overground percentages of their odds and also know if you’d be earning a profit over the long run to determine the wager’s actual value.

How IPL Makes Money

Know More About Cricket Betting Formats

You can use one of four different cricket betting formats for a cricket match. These are the most popular formats:

  • Basic Bets. These particular formats include Match Tied, Match Winner, Outright Tournament, Series Winner, Winner, etc.
  • Team-Based Bets. Cricket games usually have two teams. This type surrounds the two teams. Winner of the Toss, Team Match Score, Team Innings Total, Team 6s, Under/Over Total, Team 4s, Partnership Totals, etc. are some wagering options available here.
  • Player-Based Bets. All the 22 players on the primary team of a cricket match are available for wagering. Player-based betting is the most popular kind of gaming among users. It includes Who Will Score a Century, Most Catches, Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Who Will Score a Half-Century, Man of the Match, etc. You should conduct better player assessments to win a more substantial amount of money.
  • Live In-Play Bets. This format is considered as the most enjoyable one. Mode of Dismissal, Runs off the Next Ball, Runs off an Over, Next Ball’s Outcome, etc are some options available here.

The Reality of IPL Betting App

  • Who promotes Cricket Betting Apps?

Have you watched the India vs Pakistan match in the Asia Cup? Wondering what we are telling you? There in the left corner of the screen holding a bat asking you to install an app for huge prizes like money, a car, a bike etc. Nowadays these applications are becoming popular. Not only influencers but actors like Rajpal Yadav also an ad for such applications. These companies show themselves as news companies, game companies etc. but actually, they are not so.
It is believed by most of the audience that people win by their luck but it is not so easy to win by luck. The people who win the contest play by their skill. Those people who play by luck become losers.

  • Skills or luck, Online Betting App

One more point is that when the skill is important then people are becoming attached to the sports on a larger basis. Then the attachment to sports increases. But we can think about ethics, so these games are legal in India. These betting applications are illegal but none of them are being prosecuted because according to the Gambling Act of 1867, there has been no distinction between physical and online betting apps without keeping in mind the internet. So these companies are using the benefits of this loophole. For eg. When you have to play with skill, you have to keep in mind the venue, about the players to bet on Mumbai Indians or Chennai Super Kings. So according to Indian law when the result is binary, that means there are two results: Win or Loss. In apps like ipl prediction dream 11 and MPL participants have to make multiple decisions but in apps like Fairplay and 1xBet one has to make decisions like win or Loss. So these applications need more luck than skills.

  • How are they operating in India? How much money is invested in IPL betting in the world?

When you register for these applications you have to make a profile. An OTP will be sent in the Russian language as these applications originated from Russia. Once you are logged in you can place bets on games like Kabbadi, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis etc. For eg. When you are going to place a bet on Gujrat Titans or Chennai Super Kings these betting applications will suggest odds and evens. Suppose the winning condition is 5/4 which means you will receive 5 rupees when you bet 4 rupees. When you put 500 rupees in the wallet of these applications then these applications will match your amount to give you 500 rupees more to your account and now you can start betting with a total of 1000 rupees. A journalist said that when he paid through a UPI to these applications an unknown UPI Id was used. While doing multiple times multiple UPI IDs were used as these UPI IDs have no authority in India as they are not registered and don’t pay taxes. The money is being collected through illegal UPI IDs. Offshore entities are companies registered in tiny countries which are considered as tax havens. These countries don’t need much property declaration and legal work to set up the businesses. 1x Bet is based on Cyprus, and Fairplay is based on a Caribbean Island called Curacao. So these companies are using the loophole in Indian laws to earn money.

  • Advertisement trick by betting apps

These companies use clever tricks of surrogate advertisement. For eg. in the advertisement of the Fairplay application it is not told that this is a betting app, it has been shown as a news app. All Alcohol companies use this strategy to market them as Soda, music CDs etc. Many of these are even crazier. Dafanews application has paid partnership with Karnataka State Lawn Tennis. Betway application has sponsored the South African cricket league as they know that the popularity in India will be the highest as the several IPLs franchise has their team to participate in that very league.

  • Is the government taking any action?

According to the consumer protection act of India, companies cannot run surrogate advertisements. But it doesn’t have any effect on the companies. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory that it is illegal to show betting ads on television. Some of these applications offer both betting and fantasy games, so it has been so confusing for the government to decide whether it is a legal or illegal application. One important point is that these applications are under state governments’ act so central and state governments are not in the situation to take laws against the application. Many of these companies are foreign-based but there are many users in India of these applications. These applications use the advisory where it is written with the name of several states where these betting applications are illegal.

  • Serious issues caused by betting apps

Several serious cases have taken place where a woman kill herself because her husband used up the money for an IPL gambling app which she saved for her child’s school fees. Another incident in Hyderabad where a woman filed a case against her account was debited 36 lakhs rupees. Later after investigation, it was found that this is her son who used up the entire amount in gambling. These betting applications make people stressed, and full of anxiety so people are taking more risks in their personal and professional life.

Here is a table highlighting some popular IPL betting apps and their legality in India:

Betting App Legal Status in India
Betway Legal
1xBet Not Legal
10Cric Legal
Bet365 Legal
Betrally Not Legal
LeoVegas Legal
Dafabet Not Legal
22Bet Not Legal
Royal Panda Legal
Casumo Legal


Are IPL betting apps legal in India?

The legality of IPL betting apps in India can vary. While some apps operate legally with proper licenses and regulations, others may not have the necessary approvals. It is important to research and ensure that you are using a legal and authorized betting app.

How do I choose a reliable IPL betting app?

When choosing an IPL betting app, consider factors such as the app’s reputation, user reviews, licensing and regulations, security measures, range of betting options, payment methods, and customer support. It is advisable to opt for well-established and trusted platforms.

What types of bets can I place on the IPL?

IPL betting apps offer a variety of betting options. You can place bets on outcomes such as match results, top run-scorers, top wicket-takers, player performance, team totals, and more. Additionally, live betting options allow you to bet on events during matches in real time.

How can I deposit and withdraw funds on an IPL betting app?

IPL betting apps typically provide various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. You can choose the preferred method to deposit funds into your account. Similarly, withdrawals can be made through the supported payment options.

Are there any bonuses or promotions for IPL betting?

Many IPL betting apps offer bonuses and promotions to attract users. These may include welcome bonuses, free bets, cashback offers, and loyalty rewards. It is important to review the terms and conditions associated with these promotions before availing them.

Is my personal and financial information secure on IPL betting apps?

Trusted IPL betting apps employ advanced security measures to protect user information. They use encryption technology to secure transactions and implement strict privacy policies. It is advisable to choose apps with a strong track record in safeguarding user data.

Can I bet on IPL matches in real time?

Yes, most IPL betting apps offer live betting options. You can place bets on various aspects of the match while it is in progress, including runs scored in an over, player dismissals, and team performance. Live betting adds excitement and allows for dynamic wagering opportunities.

What should I do if I suspect any fraudulent activity or match-fixing?

If you come across any suspicious activity or have information related to match-fixing, it is important to report it to the relevant authorities. You can reach out to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit or the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit, who are responsible for investigating such matters.

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