MOPP Foods Shark tank India Season 2 Episode 14

MOPP Foods shark tank

Shark Tank MOPP Foods

Company name MOPP Foods
Founders Gaurav Gupta and Geetika Anand Gupta
Ask 75 lakhs for 2.25% equity.

MOPP Foods Founders

Gaurav Gupta and Geetika Anand Gupta stayed in Dubai for 14 years. Geetika wants to give her son the taste of authentic pakora and parathas but it was not so easy for her to prepare it as she was very poor at it. Then she uses this opportunity to start this company. They have 20 years of experience in this field.

About the company MOPP Foods

Who doesn’t want to enjoy crispy ‘pakoda’ on rainy days. But all the time you can’t make it at home and enjoy. Sometimes when you order pakoda it gets shaggy and lost its crispness. So they came up with their company MOPP Foods where they deal with pakoras and parathas which don’t lose their crispness and are less oily. They have three verticals : MOPP(Mad Over Parathas and Pakoras) and Mealy for daily meals and Mad Over Curry for Authentic North Indian Curries. They have delivered 3.5 lakhs orders till date.
Their top selling paratha is Aloo Pyaz Paratha. Their vegetarian paratha is Italian Twist Paratha. They also have butter chicken paratha, butter chicken pakora etc. Their normal aloo paratha cost around Rs.149 and packaging charge is Rs.20.They delivered around 25000+ orders in a month.

Ask by the owners MOPP Foods

Pitchers asked 75 lakhs for 2.25% equity.

MOPP Foods Sales and Revenue

They launched their company in the year 2019 and raised funds from Rahul Singh, founder of Beer cafe. Rahul Singh invested 71 lakhs rupees with a pre-money valuation of 5 cr. rupees on Jan, 2020. They raised two more rounds of investment. In Nov 2021, they raised 70 lakhs rupees, with a pre-money valuation of 12 crore rupees. And the second round was of 60 lakhs rupees, with a pre-money valuation of 12.5 cr. rupees in March 2022. Recently they have raised another 55 lakhs rupees, with a pre-money valuation of 22 cr. rupees, in July 2022. They have collaborated with Rebel foods. Gaurav and Geetika have 61% equity in the company. 9.3% is with ESOP, 20% is with Angel Investors, 6.5% is with advisors, and 3.2% is with Indian accelerators. Their monthly run rate is 60 lakhs rupees. The MoM avg. the growth rate is 20%. Their monthly burn is Rs. 3 lakhs rupees. The unit economics are: Food and packaging are of 35%, Zomato and Swiggy are of 25%, HR cost is 12%, Rental and Maintenance is of 3%,7% is of fuel and electricity and 35 is miscellaneous. Their EBITDA is 15%. Their projection is to make 100 crore from 40 kitchens.

Shark Tank Econiture

Offers and counter offers

Amit counters 50 lakhs for 5% equity and 25 lakhs debt.
Pitchers counter 75 lakhs for 5% equity.

Final deal of MOPP Foods

The deal was finalized with Amit for 75 lakhs rupees in exchange for 5% equity in the company.


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