Mahantam Chai Glass Washing Machine in Shark Tank India Season 2

mahantam chai glass washer

What is Glass washer Startup Mahantam?

The hospitality sector is continuously seeking methods to streamline its operations and offer consumers effective services in the fast-paced world of today. Giving guests clean, hygienic glassware is one of the most important components of the hospitality sector, which is why the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine has revolutionised the sector.

Shark Tank Mahantam Chai Glass Washing Machine Startup Overview And Features

Is the Mahantam Glass Washer machine Cost-effective?

In comparison to manual washing, the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine offers a more comprehensive and hygienic cleaning process. This machine is a cost-effective option for businesses looking to improve cleaning efficiency. It has a quick washing capacity of 24 glasses in 1 minute and 1000 glasses in 1 hour.

Better than manual washing

When opposed to manual washing, this machine’s capacity to clean glasses in a far more hygienic manner is one of its main benefits. This is accomplished by using a robust cleaning system that efficiently removes any dirt, grime, or residue from the surface of the glass using high-pressure water jets and cleaning agents. Additionally, the machine has an automatic rinse cycle that aids in rinsing away any remaining cleaning agent and makes sure the glasses are fully cleaned.

Chai Glass washing machine which Saves Time

The Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine’s capacity to drastically cut down on the time and resources needed to clean glasses is another advantage. Businesses can quickly clean a big number of glasses with its fast cleaning capability, which can spare up important staff time for other activities. The equipment also needs little maintenance, which contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

User-friendly operation

Convenience and simplicity of use were important priorities in the design of the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine. Users may simply operate the machine and choose the best cleaning cycle for every type of glass thanks to the equipment’s user-friendly control panel. This makes it possible to clean the glasses in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Secure and Safe

The Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine was made with safety in mind in addition to its cleaning powers. A safety interlock on the machine prevents it from beginning if the door is not closed properly. This makes sure that the machine is utilised safely and securely and helps to prevent accidents.

Mahantam appeared in Shark tank India Season 2

Shark Tank India’s sixth episode of Season 2 aired on February 9th 2023 and featured the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine. The founders of the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine, Dhaval and Jayesh Nai, thrilled the sharks with their business pitch, and they were motivated by the tale of how the device was developed.
As a result, the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine is a cutting-edge option for the hospitality sector that has many advantages over traditional washing. It is the best option for businesses wishing to increase cleaning efficiency and give their clients clean, hygienic glassware due to its capacity to provide a comprehensive and hygienic cleaning procedure, decrease cleaning time and resources, and boost safety. The Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine is the glass washing procedure of the future, so if you’re wanting to upgrade it, give it some thought.
In order to solve the problem of hygiene in the tea industry, the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine was developed. The creator discovered that conventional techniques for cleaning tea glasses were not only time-consuming but also dangerous to one’s health. So, he set out to design a device that would streamline and hygienize the washing of tea glasses.

Mahantam Shark Tank Full Episode

Mahantam Founder is 20 years Old, Dhaval

A 20-year-old student from Palanpur Polytechnic College created the semi-automatic Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine. The tea glasses are cleaned with a system of pressurized water, soap, and a brush. The inventor claims that this device can simultaneously wash up to 15 glasses, saving both time and water. The machine is designed and constructed with cutting-edge technology, giving it a more practical and useful alternative to conventional techniques for washing tea glasses.
Research has found a connection between having tea from paper cups and conditions including cancer. Additionally, methane gas, which is 25 times more hazardous to the environment than carbon dioxide, is released when paper cups decompose. By doing away with the need for paper cups, the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine provides a remedy for this issue and lessens the environmental damage.
The Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine, which recently went on sale for about INR 28,500, is brand new. The price of other, comparable machines on the market is far higher than this. With the launch of the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine, the creator, who has already found success in the tea cup dispenser sector, hopes to grow his company.

Mba Chaiwala With Mahantam

Prafull Billore, the MBA Chaiwala praised the work of Dhaval as he created this glass washing machine. Dhaval, being inspired from Prafull, wanted to spread his innovation to all over Indian tea stalls. Prafull said they used his machines in their tea stalls. He called Dhaval a hardworking and inspirational boy.


To sum up, the Mahantam Tea Glass Washing Machine is a practical and cutting-edge invention that solves a genuine issue in the tea market. The founder’s inspiration came from a straightforward YouTube search, and his narrative serves as a testament to both the value of tackling social concerns head-on and the force of innovation.

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