Kapil Sharma Show And Secrets of Shark tank India Judges

kapil sharma shark tank india

Shark tank India Judges in Kapil Sharma Show

In the latest episode of the Kapil Sharma Show, all the judges of Shark Tank India 2 were welcomed on the set by the host of the show
The Kapil Sharma Show welcomed the Sharks of Shark Tank India Season 2. They are Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, and Amit Jain, and their host Rahul Dua. The episode is completely rib-tickling with non-stop laughter treat to the audience. The Sharks talked about season 2 of Shark Tank India and gave us a sneak peek into their business adventures.

How Amit Jain’s CarDekho Started

Kapil asked Amit, how Car Dekho turned into business.
He started the company in 2007 with his brother Anurag. Initially it was an outsourcing company to generate income. He searched for cars online but found that there is no such place. He found the white gap and thought of making money from this. They bought brochures and put them in his car and within 7 days he completed the coding of the website along with his team. In 2011 CarDekho became the highest-visited auto website.

In Kapil Sharma Show Vineeta Singh Reveals She Runs at Midnight

Kapil asked Veenita the reason behind her fitness and not gaining weight.
Piyush explains an instance. When the shooting of Shark Tank finished he stepped out to see how Mumbai city looks at night. There he saw Veenita running on the set of Shark Tank at midnight. There was fun banter between Kapil, his on screen wife Bindu and onscreen mother in-law Phoolmati. Kapil welcomed the host of the show Shark Tank India, Rahul dua.

Bargaining skills of Shark Tank India Sharks

Kapil praised Namita’s and Veenita’s bargaining skills. He even asked Namitha what was going on in his mind. He also asked the same bargaining question to Aman that if he bargains in his wife’s shopping list. To this Peyush answer used to bargain initially but later got the lesson and now he remains quiet Aman says that his wife asked him how much investment he is going to make in Shark and 2. Kapil also talked about Peyush and Karan Johar in an advertisement of lenskart

Fun Comment section round with sharks of Shark Tank India

  • The first picture is of Aman where he captioned a picture,”When Ajay Devgan meets SRK meets me. We can also make drama!”
    Someone commented, “Anyone can get a picture clicked at a stationary car, record a video with the moving car to prove the durability of your trousers.” Another one comments, “Pitampura’s Ajay Devgan”.
  • In the next picture, Namita was sitting and she wrote in the caption, “Desi Avatar with this fun lehenga designed by my sister.”
    Someone commented, ” An advice for youngsters if a girl is wearing green lehenga and smiling at you please don’t mistake it with a green signal.”
  • In the next picture Anupam was sitting in a salon and captioned, “Saturday is a haircut day with my favorite hairstylist”.
    Someone commented, “I met my wife through your website. She spends a lot of money, either take her away or compensate me.”
  • Next picture is of Veenita where she captioned, “Served at every table from Darbhanga to the world”.
    Someone comments, ” It seems she is searching for achari flavor for her lipsticks.”
  • Peyush Bansal posted an old picture where he got a surprise birthday cake and celebration from him with his co-founders Amit and Sumit in a plane.
    Someone commented, “He is intentionally giving a birthday party on a plane so that he can have fewer guests.”
  • Amit posted a picture from Georgia along with his brother.
    Someone commented, “When my wife drove the car I had thought of zindagi Na milegi dobara”. Another one comments, “Rich people do have rich-looking drivers”.
  • Rahul Dua posted a picture of himself and captioned, “Comment below what I am doing here, wrong answers only.”
    Someone commented what happens if Dua Lipa married Rahul Dua there will be only dua dua

Gudiya, the laundry woman enters on the stage. She pitched her business idea of laundry, had a fun banter with sharks and shaked legs with everyone.

Rahul calls Namita as the toughest shark among all

Kapil asked the stand up comedian Rahul dua about his observation on sharks. Rahul dua called all the sharks as Kingpins of their own industry. Rahul explained how all the sharks are food lovers and loved the pitches related to food. Namita is very punctual and is always on time. She has classy and rich conduct. Aman is a foodie and loves non-veg, cracking jokes on it.
Rahul states how the sharks give unnecessary reasons to invest in any deal. As they may say, “we don’t understand the business but we like the founders so we will invest in your company”. Rahul explains how these sharks have only four reasons to reject an investment. If a person is in both B2B and B2C models they call him an unfocused person. If a person is either in B2B or B2C the sharks point out that their vision is limited. If a company comes that is present in online, offline, domestic, and international modes the sharks question him what are you doing if a company is in either of the modes the sharks have the same question.
On being asked by Archana, Rahul Dua calls none of the sharks are soft-hearted and he thinks Namita is the toughest shark of all as she stepped out of the deal two minutes of the pitch.

Lastly, the show ended with a fun conversation with the audience where they asked a few questions to the sharks.

To know more about the episode do watch Kapil Sharma’s show on Sony LIV and to know more about pitches, business skills and the sharks do watch Shark Tank India season 2 from Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m.



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