HoloKitab Shark tank India Season 2 Episode 36

shark tank holokitab

Shark Tank HoloKitab

In this episode of Shark Tank India HoloKitab, an augmented reality company presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name HoloKitab       
Founders Dipanshu Bajaj and Nikhil Miglani
Ask ₹ 45 lakhs  for 10% equity

About the company HoloKitab

Let’s get back to our childhood where we learned A for Apple, B for Ball etc. by observing pictures. But will it not be good if we use 3D images? So Holokitab is an augmented reality company which gives life to school books. They have sold around 10000 plus books. They started their business in the year 2020. They are in the education sector and specialized in education books and toy manufacturers. They are charging a 100 rupees service fee per globe sold. Their model is augmented as Saas. They started this service in the previous two months.

Ask by the Owner HoloKitab

Owners asked 45 lakhs for 10% equity.

HoloKitab Sales And Revenue

In the financial month of Dec 21 to March 22, the sales were 2 lakhs rupees as they only launched a book of alphabets that year. In the years 21-22, the sales were 10 lakhs rupees as they launched 3 more books that year. The projected sales is 3 lakhs this year. They have a contract of globes with a company for 4 to 5 years which can fetch them 4 to 5 lakhs rupees per year. The service fee on the book will be 10% of MRP. They are currently in the B2B Model but want to extend to the B2C model.

Amrutam Shark Tank

Offers and counter offers

Namita offers 45 lakhs for 25% equity with the following conditions:

They have to extend their services in other industries too.
Changes in the revenue model.
Pitchers counter offer 45 lakhs for 20% equity in the company.

HoloKitab Final deal

The deal was finalized with Namita for 45 lakhs in exchange of 25% equity in the company.

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