Crave Raja Foods Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 39

Crave raja foods shark tank

Shark Tank Crave Raja Foods

In this episode of Shark Tank India Crave Raja Foods, presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Crave Raja Foods      
Founders Suvobrata Ganguly and Soupal Das
Ask ₹ lakhs  for % equity

Crave Raja Foods Founder

Suvobrata Ganguly and Soupal Das. Suvobrata is from Bardhaman, a city in West Bengal. He got into St. Xavier’s college in Kolkata for math honours but was not able to get in track. He then opted for Economics in Presidency College and there he met with Soupal, who was a topper kinda boy in the college.
Their bonding started after their masters when they both got into the same company for the job.

About the company Crave Raja Foods

Nowadays it has been a very popular concept of hanging out in restaurants and the concept of a cloud kitchen. And don’t talk about the cravings, it is continuously changing hour by hour. But for different foods, there are different chains like for burgers, pizza, sandwiches etc. Wastage of food is also a big concern at the end of the day for being available with a wide variety of dishes. So in order to decrease the wastage and your meal wise cravings Crave Raja Foods is founded. Crave Raja Foods is a Kolkata-based cloud kitchen brand which provides 4 different brands to customers like :

  • Brand 1: SOS – Sandwiches, Omelets and snacks.
  • Brand 2: Burrito Raja – Proteinaceous Wrap for meals.
  • Brand 3: Gusto Pizza – Half a half pizza and chicken wings.
  • Brand 4: The Fry Raja – Fried Chicken.

They have 1 central kitchen which serves 3 other cloud kitchens. They work on the Hub and Spoke model. They aim to decrease the wastage by making dishes with single ingredients. In general restaurants the wastage percentage is 5-6 percent, but in their case it is 1-2%.
Their vision is to become India’s largest cloud kitchen brand. The whole company is bootstrapped till date.
They stand out from the competitors by changing their food menu in several intervals. They have 10000 reviews and an average of 4 star ratings on Zomato.

Ask by the Owner of Crave Raja Foods

The owner asked 65 lakhs rupees for 3% equity.

Crave Raja Foods Sales And Revenue

Lifetime sales is 4.1 crore rupees. Last month the sales were 19.5 lakhs rupees. In the financial year 2021-22 the sales were 2.56 crore rupees and the projected sales this year 2022-23 is 3.25 crore rupees. Net margin is 3.5 per cent. The unit economics of sales is 30% is for COGS and 70% is gross margin.(30% is for commission in marketplaces, 27% is fixed cost, 10% is remaining). The average price of a small pizza is 299 rupees and 809 rupees for a large pizza. The price of SOS is 199 rupees, Burrito is 239 rupees, Fry raja is 199 rupees.

Pharmalla Shark Tank

Offers and counter offers

There were no such offers and counter offer as the sharks were not interested in the deal.

Crave Raja Foods Final deal

No deal was finalized with sharks.


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