CoezySleep Shark tank India season 2 episode 9

coezysleep shark tank

CoezySleep Shark Tank India

In this episode of Shark tank India, a sleep suit maker company will come up with a business to improve sleep quality. Will this company get a deal from sharks?

Company name CoezySleep
Founders Hardik Rathore
Ask 35 lakhs rupees for 20% equity

CoezySleep Founders

Hardik Rathor is from Vilwara, Rajasthan. He used to suffer from anxiety and Insomnia. He went to an exhibition in Istanbul and got the idea of the stretchable sheet in the year of 2019. In 2021, he started to work with cocoon technology to produce these sleepsuits. He is a mechanical engineer, had 4 years of experience in corporate in Tata and Byju’s.

About the company CoezySleep

India is the second largest sleep-deficient country in the world. One out of four people in India suffers from sleep deficiency. 14% people suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep. So inorder to solve this issue, Hardik came out with the idea of making sleep suit based on the concept of cocoon therapy. He founded his company CoezySleep. Coezysleep is such a company that make sleepsuits that are made up of way stretch material, designed in cocoon shape. Due to its stretchability, it creates 360-degree compression on body. Along with this, Hardik is going to launch a bedsheet based on this technology. He sells his products to hotels, and travel companies. They are going to be available in website and marketplaces very soon. Their vision is to become the sleeping partner of every Indian.

Ask by the owners of CoezySleep

Pitcher asked for 35 lakhs for 20% equity.

Sales And Revenue Of CoezySleep

The company is one month old. The sales for 20 days is Rs.1.05 lakhs rupees. Several deals have been finalized with some hotels, travels company, and corporates.

Shark Tank India Nestroots

Offers and counter offers

Peyush stepped out from the deal as the business is at a very early stage.
Anupam, Aman, Vineeta, and Namita stepped out from the deal as the Indian market is not ready for these products.

CoezySleep Final deal

No deal was finalized.

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