Cloud Tailor Shark tank India season 2 episode 21

shark tank cloud tailor

Shark Tank Cloud Tailor

In this episode of Shark Tank India Cloud Tailor, a one-stop personalized fashion and tailoring platform for women all around the world presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Cloud Tailor
Founders Rudra Pratap,Susmitha Lakkakula, Mahesh Patel
Ask ₹1 cr. for 1.4% equity

Cloud Tailor Founder

Rudra Pratap, Susmitha Lakkakula, Mahesh Patel.
Rudra and Susmitha are from Hyderabad. Rudra and Susmitha are husband-wife. Mahesh is their mutual friend.

About the company Cloud Tailor

It is very difficult to find a perfect tailor who can make your clothes and deliver them within a few days. This is a problem everyone has faced. Right? Cloud Tailor is a one-stop personalized fashion and tailoring platform for women all around the world. They are available on their own website or you can download the app from Google Play Store. Simply we have to login into the website and simply upload the photo. They have an offline presence in exclusive brand outlets and shops-in-shops. They can deliver the orders within 24 hours to 7 days. They wish to expand in 40 cities and 4 different countries. They have two applications available for Android and IOS. One is for the user and the other is for back-end purposes like tracking orders, delivery, etc. They provide lifetime free alteration in all walk-in centers. The return rate is around 1.5-2%. Their stand-out feature is that they can make lehenga from sarees, they can make lehenga from kurtas, etc. The split of their design works is 60% from Ethnic wear and 40% from Casuals, Formals, and Party wear.

Ask by the Owners Cloud Tailor

Pitchers asked for 1 cr. rupees for 1.4% equity in the company.

Cloud Tailor Sales And Revenue

In the month of August, the revenue was 34.8 lakhs rupees. In July the revenue was 24.6 lakhs rupees and in June it was 16.4 lakhs rupees. In FY20-21 the sales were 38 lakhs rupees. They have raised 2.2 cr. rupees in the month of December 2021. In March 2022 they raised 1.89 crore rupees in Tyke at a valuation of 50 cr. for the floor and 80 cr. for the ceiling. They have raised another 15 lakhs in March 2022 at a valuation of 10.2 crore rupees. In July 2022 they raised 3 crore rupees at a valuation of 30 crore rupees. They are currently at a loss. Their sales in Aug ’22 are 34.8 lakhs and their burn is 45 lakhs.

Shark Tank Dabble

Offers and counter offers

There were no offers and counter offers as no sharks were interested in this business as the business looks scattered and unorganized.

Cloud Tailor Final deal

No deal was finalized with the sharks.



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