Cheesecake and Co Shark tank India season 2 episode 21

cheesecake shark tank

Shark Tank Cheesecake and Co

In this episode of Shark Tank India Cheesecake and Co, an eggless cheese cake-making company presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Cheesecake and Co
Founders Himanshu Gakhreja and Shreya Agarwal
Ask ₹1 crore for 2% equity

Cheesecake and Co-Founder

Himanshu Gakhreja and Shreya Agarwal are the founders of this company. Both of them are 25 years old and from Delhi. Himanshu is a 12-standard dropout. Making cheesecake is more than an art for him. Himanshu started his journey of cheesecake from a bakery shop he walked there for 2.5 years. But his father prevented him from doing this work and sent him to work in his own business of raw materials. Later Himanshu and Shreya got married and Shreya convinced Himanshu’s father in this business. He walked really hard on the replacement of eggs in cheesecakes and he protects his formula ingredients. It is completely made in their home and not in a factory.

About the company Cheesecake and Co

Cheesecake and Co is a yummier fusion of tart and cake. Cheesecake originated in Europe and became popular in New York. They have more than 15 varieties of cheesecake, among which blueberry cheesecake is the most popular. More than 2.5 lakhs orders have been delivered till date. They have more than 19 outlets in Delhi and Bangalore some of them are physically available whereas some are cloud kitchens. Their mission is to provide superior quality, tasty and 100% vegetarian cheesecake to every Indian. The company was started in 2018.
Process of making cheesecake

  • The first step starts with biscuits. Biscuits are properly and finally crushed and set inside a mold.
  • Then cream and cheese is blended together and poured into the mold.
  • Then it is baked at an even temperature.
  • The final product is not less than art. These is 100% baked cheesecakes and like those cold cheesecake sold in India

Ask the Owners of Cheesecake and Co

The owners made an ask of ₹1 crore for 2% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹50 crores.

Cheesecake and Co Sales And Revenue

The sales in FY 21 to 22 is ₹6 crores and last month’s sales were ₹1.94 crores. Profit is 20%. The price of slice cheesecakes starts from ₹250 and onwards Jar cheeks cakes start from ₹ 280 and onwards, 0.5 kg cakes start from ₹850 and onwards. This is a ₹4000 crore market in India. In FY 22 to 23 projected sale is more than ₹25 crores.

Shark Tank Fat to Slim

Offers and counter offers

Anupam gave an offer of ₹50 lakhs for 5% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹10 crores and ₹50 lacs debt at 15% interest rate. Later Aman joined in on this offer along with Anupam.

Founders give a counter offer of ₹1 crore for 3% equity of the company.

Founders again give a counter offer of ₹1 crore for 3.5% equity of the company.

Anupam and Aman give a counteroffer of 1 crore for 5% equity of the company

Cheesecake and Co Final deal

The founders did not accept the offer and no final deal was done.


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