CELLBELL Shark tank India Season 2 episode 30



In this episode of Shark Tank India CELLBELL, a company dedicated to provide quality gaming chairs present the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name CELLBELL  
Founders Pawan Demla, Ishawardas Demla, Chirag Demla
Ask ₹ 90 lakhs for 1.5% equity


Pawan Demla, Ishawardas Demla, Chirag Demla. They are from Ulashnagar.
Ishwardas and his two sons Pawan and Demla have started the company. Ishwardas has an experience of 30 years in transport. Pawan is an engineer and Chirag is a finance graduate. They have started in the year 2019.

cellbell chair shark tank


About the company CELLBELL

Chairs have great significance in our country whether it is the chair of political parties or the chair of sharks, but we don’t care about our own chair on which we are sitting for 8 to 10 hours. So in order to replace the old backdated chair with the new chair CELLBELL was invented. CELLBELL is an online chair-selling company that manufactures stylish, comfortable and high-quality chairs. They have three categories:

  1. Office chairs
  2. Boss chairs
  3. Gaming chairs

They are in the customization business for bulk orders. They have sold 1 lakhs chairs till date. The USP of their products is they made it DIY for the customers. They provide a live demo. With the help of a live demo, customers can easily assemble the product. The price range starts from 4000 rupees for a basic employee office chair. 8000-10,500 rupees for boss chairs and Gaming chairs start from 15000 rupees.

Ask by the Owner CELLBELL

90 lakhs rupees in exchange of 1.5% equity.

CELLBELL Sales And Revenue

20% sales is of gaming chairs, 60% is of office chairs and 20% is of boss chairs. The average selling price is 5000 rupees. They have made lifetime sales of 50 crore and net revenue of 38 crore rupees. In the financial year 21-22 the sales were 16 crore rupees. Last month’s sales were 4 crore rupees. The gross profit per month is 17-18 lakhs rupees. The gross margin is 52%. EBITDA is 7.8%.

Dhruv Vidyut Shark Tank

Offers and counter offers

No sharks were interested in the deal.

CELLBELL Final deal

No deal was finalize

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