Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 6

bhaskar puranpoli shark tank india

Shark Tank India Season 2 Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar

Company name Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar
Founders Vittal Shetty, Saurabh Chowdhary, Bhaskar KR
Ask ₹75 lakhs for 1% equity

Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar Founders

Vittal Shetty, Saurabh Chowdhary, and Bhaskar KR are the founders of the company. They come from Bangalore, Orissa, kundapur respectively. Bhaskar has done a number of odd jobs before later he got a chance to perform in a cooking show from which he got fame.

Company Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar

This is a live and quick service restaurant where puran poli is served. Started in January 2021. They have 24 varieties of puran poli se coconut puran poli dal puran poli carrot puran poli badam puran poli dates puran poli dry fruits puran poli Jackfruit puran poli their puran poli contains no chemicals colour, no added preservatives and no chemical essence. Along with puran poli they sell 400 varieties of snacks like Rava laddu, chips, etc. Bhaskar started this journey by selling puran poli on cycles in Bangalore. Currently, they have four outlets in Mumbai in entire Maharashtra and they sell over a thousand puran poli per day. They also sell their products through Zomato and swiggy. Their vision is to open more than 100 outlets. They have 7 outlets in Bangalore. Their 10 outlets are franchises.

Shark Tank India Season 2 Tea Fit

Ask by the Owner of Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar Founders

The founders made an ask of 75 lakhs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of 75 crores.

Other information about the company- They have 20% profit and sales of 18 crores. All three founders have 33.33% equity in Mumbai outlets. In FY 21 to 22 the sales were 1.6 crores from the Thane outlet. From three franchise outlets, they get 5% loyalty. Last month’s sales were 18.5 lakhs. Their Profit is 20%.

Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar Final Deal

No offers and counter offers were given. All the sharks stepped out and no final deal was done.

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