Be Unic Shark tank India season 2 episode 21

shark tank be unic

Shark Tank Be Unic

In this episode of Shark Tank India Be Unic,an LGBTQ-promoting brand presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till end.

Company name Be Unic
Founders Ashish Chopra, Simmi Nanda and Vishesh Chopra
Ask ₹1 crores for 10% equity

Be Unic Founder

Ashish Chopra, Simmi Nanda, and Vishesh Chopra are the founders of the company. Simmi is a law graduate from DU. She got married in 1989 and shifted to Nagpur. There she did a business of dental and medical equipment along with her husband. Later she got divorced after 22 years of marriage. She transformed herself a lot and did many courses. Her last course was a public speaking course. One day in 2016, Ashish danced and his mother found his dance steps to be quite feminine. Later Simmi got to know about Ashish’s sexuality. She broke down and they stopped talking for 4 months. Vishesh convinced her later by showing articles, videos, etc. Later she accepted the truth with all love. Ashish works as a full-time HR at Google.

About the company Be Unic

Every mother wants her child to grow, get the best education, get married and be happy in his life. Valso had such a dream, but when got to know about her son’s sexuality, her dream shattered. To avoid an awkward situation for the LGBTQ community, they started Be Unic.
is an e-commerce marketplace by LGBTQ for people around the world. Footwear, clothing, accessories, home decor, etc. About 500 products have been sold in 12 different countries in the last 3 years. According to research, about 7% of the total population is LGBTQ community. The population of LGBTQAI+ in India is 5 crores. They want more and more people to join this platform to show their talent through Be Unic. Initially, they started with footwear. They were colorful and exciting. Later they encouraged other LGBTQ entrepreneurs to sell products under the brand name Be Unic. This is how product categories increased. About 26+ queer creators are associated with them, and more than 500 products are available.

Ask By the Owners to Be Unic

The founders made an ask of ₹1 crore for 10% equity of the company at the valuation of 10 crores.

Padcare Shark Tank

Be Unic Sales And Revenue

If FY 19-20 the sales were ₹20000. FY 20-21 the sales were ₹1.25 lakhs, in FY 21-22 the sales were ₹50 lakhs, The sales in March were 1 lakh, April was 3.5 lakhs, and in May were 5.5 lakhs, in June were 6 lakhs. Last month’s sales in 40000

Offers and counter offers

Peyush gives an offer of ₹25 lakhs for 25% equity of the company and 75 lakhs debt with a condition to make it a D2C brand and three owners will work full time.

Be Unic Final deal

The owners did not accept the offer and no final deal was done.


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