Ayusynk Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 7

ayusynk shark tank

Shark Tank India Season 2 Ayusynk

Shark tank India’s next pitch Ayusynk is here to make a difference in the medical field. Will this technology-based innovation bag a deal from sharks? To know more, follow here.

Ayusynk Founders

Adarsh Kachappilly, CEO is from Karnataka, Tapas Pandey, Head of Hardware, is from Doon and Varad Patil, Head of Software and analytics, is from Mumbai. They are the founders of the company.

About the company Ayusynk

Heart and lung diseases are of major concern for adults as well as the young generation. Diseases like holes in the heart, valve blockage, etc. are becoming very common in recent days. It is not very easy to detect these types of problems easily, so they have invented Ayusynk. A small device that can be attached to any normal stethoscope and the stethoscope will become a digital one. Using this device it can reduce background noise, better audio, and visual clarity, and after all, one can get the live stream of data. A doctor can check a patient over a long distance. For e.g. – A patient living in Mumbai can be checked by a doctor living in Doon. Their company is US patent granted. Their vision is to reach all over the corners of the world and upgrade the traditional stethoscope with Ayusynk. There are two modes in the device. Heart mode and Lung mode. A red light in the device indicates heart mode and by double tapping, you can switch it to lungs mode and a green light will blink. Measured values can be recorded with its own Bluetooth-connected application and can be sent to anyone. In this way, a doctor in a village or remote area can send these data to doctors in urban areas for better analysis and diagnosis.

Ask by the Ayusynk Owners

Pitchers made an ask of ₹1 crore for 1.5% equity of the company.

Ayusynk Company Sales And Revenue

Adarsh has 43% equity in the company. Tapash has a 32% share and Varad has a 20% share of the company. The remaining 2% is with a mentor and 3% is with SINE-IIT Bombay. They have an average selling price of Rs.12000 with a gross margin of 55%. Their sales right now is 5000 units and in the last month, the sale was Rs.32 lakhs, and the revenue generated from April to till date of FY 22-23 is around 3 cr. rupees. Their projected sales for this year’s end is Rs. 7 cr. rupees and the projected EBITDA will be 18%. They have sold 90% of units among 5000 units to telemedicine companies and 10% to B2C doctors.

Shark Tank India GunjanApps Studio

Offers and Counteroffer

Peyush Bansal offers 50 lakhs rupees for 5% equity and 50 lakhs debt at 12% interest. He asked Namita to join him but Namita decided to go solo with another deal.
Namita offers 50 lakhs rupees for 4% equity and 50 lakhs debt at 10% interest.
The pitchers gave a counteroffer of 50 lakhs for 3.5% equity and Namita decided to make it final.

Ayusynk Final deal

The final deal was done with Namita for 3.5% equity for 50 lakhs rupees and 50 lakhs debt at a 10% rate of interest.


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