Atypical Advantage Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 8

atypical advantage shark tank

Shark Tank India Season 2 Atypical Advantage

Shark tank India viewers will get to see a different pitch in this episode. Vineet’s business can be a boon to impaired people. Will sharks invest?

Company name Atypical advantage
Founder Vineet Saraiwala
Ask ₹30 lakhs for 1% equity

Atypical Advantage Founder

Vineet Saraiwala. He is from Jamshedpur. He is visually impaired.

About the company Atypical Advantage- In India 7 crore population with disabled people with 0.4% employment rate. Atypical advantage is India’s biggest inclusive platform that provides employment to disabled people. They started the company in 2020. They partnered with more than 100 companies, and more than 100 NGOs are working with them. They have generated more than 1000 job opportunities for disabled people. His vision is to provide equal opportunities to all and solve this massive problem of employment.

There are a few verticals of the company and the first one is performing artists like dancers, singers, musicians, motivational speakers, voice-over artists, etc who can be booked for any function. The second vertical is atypical art. Here 140 disabled artists are present with 1100 artworks live present on the website. The third is Inclusive Hiring where one can find freelancing and full-time job opportunities. Their top client is Amazon where more than 60 people have got full-time jobs. The associated company charges a monthly retail fee. The monthly retainer package includes disability sensitization, post-placement support, job mapping, consulting interview scheduling, and sign language support.

Ask by the Owners of Atypical Advantage

He made an ask of ₹30 lakhs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹30 crores.

Atypical Advantage Sales And Revenue

On July 22 the revenue was 6.5 lakhs and on August 22 the revenue was 10 lacs. They work on a subscription method and for a few companies they work on a placement fee for a few companies. Previously they had raised 1 crore at the valuation of 7 crores on 3rd December. During March they will reach 2.4 crore AR. He has 14 Angel investors with 15% equity.

Magic Of Memories Shark Tank India

Offers and counter Offers

Anupam, Aman, and Namita gave an offer of 30 lacs for 4.29 equity of the company at a 7 crore valuation.
Peyush gave an offer of 1 crore for 12% equity of the company at the valuation of 8.3 crores.
Vineet gave a counteroffer of 1.2 crores to all four sharks at 10% equity at the valuation of 12 crores post-money.
Due to some clash between Anupam and Piyush both of them stepped out of the deal. Namita and Aman give a final offer of 30 lakhs for 3% equity

Atypical Advantage Final Deal

The final deal was closed with Namitha and Aman for 30 lacs at 3% equity at the valuation of 10 crores.

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