Ashish Chanchlani’s Sasta Shark Tank: A Funny Shark Tank India Spoof

sasta shark tank ashish chanchlani

About Ashish Chanchalani

Ashish Chanchalani is a famous Indian YouTuber. He is counted as one of the top content creators in India. He never failed to impress his viewers with his acting skills and comedy punch. With his amazing bunches of videos, he enjoys a fanbase of 2.78 crores subscribers on his channel.
And this time, he made the Sasta shark tank which is based on the original show that had been already ruling Indian television, Shark Tank India. The video has already gained 2.4 crore views, within its release of 4 days.


The original show Shark Tank India has been ruling the social media platforms since its episodes were telecasted. People are reacting to everything, be it any business pitch, the sharks, or any controversial statement. People are breaking the internet with their own versions and memes. Many content creators and Indian YouTubers are creating various content on Shark Tank India in their own way. The show has ended, but it seems that the craze among the audience for the show is never-ending.
Shark Tank judge Ashneer Grover recently gave his approval reaction on YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani’s new video named ‘Sasta Shark Tank’. He praised and said “What an acting! Sasta and tikau”, commented on his new video.
Ashish Chanchlani recently released a version of the famous Indian reality shows Shark Tank India in his own spoofy style along with his co-actors, who copied the real ‘sharks’ from the reality show Shark Tank India.
The video, called Sasta Shark Tank, was released earlier on Friday on Ashish’s youtube channel and since then it has been trending on YouTube in India. The video has crossed the views of over 2.3 crores on youtube. The fans of Chanchlani are responding amazingly to his spoofy video and execution of all the characters to detail.
In the video, the judges are – Paneer Grover (Ashneer Grover of BharatPe), Babita Papad (Namita Thapar of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Chaman Gutka ( Aman Gupta of boAT), and Uttapam Misal ( Anupam Mittal of
What makes the video more interesting, is the simplicity of everything. Much like the show Shark Tank India, Sasta Shark Tank shows various entrepreneurs making their own way to the judges named above and pitching their ideas. In this trending video, YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani can be seen playing the most important and talked about the character of the show Ashneer Grover as ‘Paneer Grover’ himself.

The original Shark Ashneer Grover Reacts to ‘Paneer Grover’

ashneer grover as a paneer grover

Ashish Chanchalani’s video not only received immense love from his fans and followers but got a positive response from the judge himself of the original show Shark Tank India.
The ex managing director of Bharat Pe Ashneer Grover gave his reaction to the video and also commented on the same, calling the video “Hilarious! What acting by all the Sharks !! Sasta and Tikau (cheap and lasting)”.
The almost 33-minute long spoofy video is simple but genius as it straightly follows the format of the real show but with a pinch of comedy. In the video, each ‘shark’ has a name that is similar to the original name of the judges from the original show, yet in a hilarious way.

Sasta Shaark Tank Judges – Paneer Grover, Chaman Gutka, Uttapam Misal & Babita Papad

The spoofy featuring judges are like this:

  • Paneer Grover, Founder of Bharat De: The vasooli app (a word-play of Ashneer Grover of BharatPe). He has been also recognized as 40 under 40 most badtameez people in the world.
  • Chaman Gutka, founder of Goat headphones (Aman Gupta of boAT). He is Aman Gupta’s first and cheapest copy ever.
  • Babita Papad, the papad queen of India (Namita Thapar of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), and her favorite film is Get Out. She has been recognized as an out of this world outstanding personality.
  • Uttapam Misal, the founder of (Anupam Mittal of He is India’s No.1 SIMP, has a serial killer look, and is a 4-time divorcee.

The original show featured three other sharks, apart from the ones who acted in Chanchalani’s parody video. They are MamaEarth’s co-founder Ghazal Alagh, Sugar Cosmetics founder Vineeta Singh, and Lenskart CEO Peyush Bansal.
The show gave opportunities to many budding entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and plans to the “sharks” and if they were impressed, they could invest in the business.
Ashish Chanchlani himself plays the character of Paneer Grover in the video. In the video, ‘entrepreneurs’ make their way to judges and present their pitches in front of the ‘sharks’ on a set that looks quite similar to the original sharks of the show.
However, as the nature of a comedy video demands, the pitches of the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs themselves, and the judges all present a comedy version of the original concept to evoke laughter.

The Sasta Shark Tank Hilarious Pitches

  • TMKP
    This is the first pitch of the Sasta shark tank. It is India’s first tire reflector and is very efficient. Its other features include portability and cost-efficiency. In between Uttapam Misal explained the meaning of patent. The product can be used in birthday parties, hospitals, etc. All the sharks stepped out except Paneer Grover. He finalized the deal at ₹10 thousand for 50 percent equity.
  • Spit Me, Daddy
    The pitcher got his idea from his father, who had an ill habit of spitting. Paneer Grover criticized the product hilariously. But after another partner of this product came, Uttapam Misal closed the deal for 50 percent equity at ₹60 thousand.
  • B.L.B
    The name of the company is Bad Luck Bharti, which is owned by Bharti. Because whoever invests in his company has been bankrupted. The owner has come to sell her bad luck. Her company’s valuation is priceless depression and branded bad luck. Her ask was ₹20 lakhs for 100% equity. Uttapam Misal closed this deal.
  • Ambitious Chor
    The pitcher was himself a thief and he wanted to become a world-famous thief. His company’s valuation depends on tijori. His ask was ₹2 lakhs for 10 percent equity. The pitcher described his full plan of how to execute his work. His mission is to launch his own ‘chori’ app. The name of the app will be Zara Zara. Namita draws a picture of the pitcher. Paneer Grover and Uttapam Misal give a joint offer of ₹6 lakhs for 10 percent equity with a condition that he will steal ₹4 lakhs from Chaman and return them back.
  • Double Role
    The pitcher’s ask is ₹500 for 49% equity. There was funny banter between all the three sharks in between the pitch.

sasta shark tank bummer

  • Mittal Group of Industries.
    The company’s valuation is Baap ka ₹1 crore. The pitcher’s ask was ₹30 thousand in 6 phases for 10 percent equity for throwing on his father’s face. The pitcher was Shayam Mittal, the son of
    Sanjay Mittal. All the sharks were in splits. He was known as ‘ Bade baap ki Aulaad’ . Three sharks Paneer, Uttapam and Babita closed the deal.
  • Peon of YALE University.
    This is the last pitch of the Sasta shark tank. The pitcher’s ask was ₹30 lakhs for 8 percent equity. He explained his whole business of ruining his college education. He will give four subscriptions to students who cheat in exams. All the Sharks closed this deal.So these are the hilarious pitches of the Sasta shark tank.

Shark Tank India Products

Netizens praise Ashish Chanchlani’s Acting Skills

Meanwhile, on youtube, this video has been able to gain hundreds of comments from viewers, with netizens praising the acting skills of all the actors along with the script of the video. From Ashneer’s words like “doglapan” rant to “wahiyat product“, Ashish has mimicked the BharatPe ex-co-founder’s every minute antics, even dressed exactly like him and copied his laugh also. Fans are also requesting Ashish to come up with another vid
One of the netizens with username Bhaswati Kumari commented on the video, “The way Ashish mimicked Ashneer was commendable.. his accent, his voice, his dialogues, his gestures… even the laugh … All these were too good,”
Another netizen on YouTube commented “The team has created one of the best spoofs. Couldn’t stop laughing in many scenes. Thought of sharing with kids…but can’t. But, it is catering to grown-up adult audiences and not kids. Kudos to the team for near-perfect creation!”.
Netizens have also appreciated not only Ashish but the whole team, the efforts of the whole team, the way they observed every detail, and kudos to their mimicry and acting skills.



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