How To Apply For Shark Tank India Season 2? (2022) | Registration Process For Shark Tank India Season 2

shark tank india season 2 registration

After a massive success of Shark Tank India Season 1 Shark Tank is coming with the Shark Tank India season 2. In the below paragraphs you can see the step by step registration process of Shark Tank India Season 2.

In Shark Tank India Season 1 we have seen a lot of interesting pitches and some entertaining pitches where judges were not able to control their anger and laugh but their were some good pitches also where judges were fighting among each other to invest in those startups like Revamp moto.

Below is the list Top 10 best pitches from Shark Tank India.

  1. Revamp Moto
  2. WeStock
  3. Jugaadu Kamlesh
  4. Annie
  5. Wakao Foods
  6. Smart Helmets By Altor
  7. Skippi Icepops
  8. The Yarn Baazar
  9. Moonshine
  10. Elcare

Top 10 best pitches from Shark Tank India

Below is the list of Top 5 Worst pitches from Shark Tank India.

  1. Navel Foci
  2. Sippline
  3. Gopal’s 56
  4. Twee In One
  5. Good Good Piggy

How To Apply For Shark Tank India Season 2?

Step 1 to 3:

First, download the SonyLiv App from the Play Store or App Store and then click on the Shark Tank India registration

Step 4 to 7:

Select your language and then confirm the “Terms and Condition” after that click on the SUBMIT button. Then you will see the instruction step with video and description.

Step 8 to 10:

After reading the instructions click on the start button. Then you need to fill up your profile details as shown in the image above.

Step 11 to 13:

Now you need to enter your business details such as business name, Industry type, product photo etc. In the next step, you can mention the amount of funding you will need and % investment returns.

Step 14 to 16:

In the legal business information tick on the correct box. In the next step fill up other business information like the type of company, company registration, and bankruptcy if any. Then tick on the correct option in the television experience window.

Step 17 to 18:

In the last step, you need to add the personal information in 250 words. Now click on the SUBMIT button; and get one step closer to your most awaited funding.



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