Aadvik Shark tank India Season 2 Episode 43

Shark Tank Aadvik

In this episode of Shark Tank India Aadvik, a camel and goat milk-selling brand presents the pitch. Will the founder get a deal from the sharks? To know about the deal read till the end.

Company name Aadvik
Founders Hitesh Rathi and Shrey Kumar
Ask ₹ 60 lakhs for % equity

Aadvik Founder

H0itesh Rathi is from Bikaner, Punjab and Shrey Kumar is from Delhi.

About the company Aadvik

A full glass of milk was kept on each shark’s table. Pitchers told sharks that if they know that this is white gold. People are becoming health conscious and started to consume healthy foods. The white milk pitchers were talking about nothing but camel milk and goat milk. Aadvik is a brand which sells products made from camel and goat.
Benefits of camel milk:-

  • 10 times more iron.
  • 4 times more vitamin C.
  • Effectiveness of autism, diabetes and lactose intolerance.
  • Helpful for overall body growth.

Goat milk is considered to be good for digestion and dengue prevention. They started with only one product, now they have many more categories like milk, milk powder, chocolate, ghee, soaps etc. In the last 6 years, they have sold 8 lakh litres of milk and have processed 3 lakh orders. They are providing a huge source of income for goat and camel owners. They want to make it a global brand. Their highest-selling product is Milk Powder. The average cost of chocolate is 100 rupees. The price of camel milk is 500-550 rupees per litre. More than 75% is D2C and 25% is B2C. Their repeat rate is 30%.

Ask by the Owner Aadvik

The owner asked 60 lakhs rupees for 1.5% equity in the company at a valuation of 40 crore.

Aadvik Sales And Revenue

In the Financial year 16-17 the sales were 67 lakhs rupees, 17-18 the sales were 4.4 cr. rupees, in 18-19 the sales were 4.2 cr. rupees, in 19-20 the sales were 6 cr. rupees, in 20-21 the sales were 9 cr. rupees and in 21-22 the sales were 7.2 cr. rupees. Their monthly sales are 50 lakhs rupees per month. They are totally bootstrapped.

Offers and counter offers

Amit offers 15 lakhs for 1.5% equity and 45 lakhs debt at 12% interest.
Pitcher counter offers 30 lakhs for 1.5% equity and 30 lakhs debt at a 12% interest rate.

Aadvik Final deal

Amit stuck to his offer and the deal was finalized.



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