Ashneer Grover Loses 10 Kgs Of Weight, Shark Tank India Season 2 New Judge Car Dekho’s Amit Jain


Ashneer Grover of Shark Tank India loses 10 kg Weight

A promo is dropped by the creators of Shark Tank India which hints about the Shark Tank India season 2 judges. To know more about Ashneer follow the blog till the end.”Shark Tank India” fame Ashneer Grover gave the internet a glimpse into his amazing weight loss journey. Ashneer Grover, a co-founder of BharatPe, uploaded a selfie on Instagram on Monday in which he admitted to losing 10 kg. The Shark Tank India judge also listed the two reasons that enabled him to succeed in the post’s caption. One of the most adored judges on the business reality series Shark Tank India was Ashneer Grover.


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Ashneer Grover was renowned for being direct and offering his ideas with a grain of salt. The businessman’s comments section got various reactions from people as a result some of them troll him, whereas some people praised his weight loss journey. After his appearance on the reality show, Ashneer’s life was flipped upside down, when his company BharatPe claimed that he and his wife, Madhuri Jain Grover, had used the company’s money misappropriately.  Ashneer and the boards of directors got into a major public argument as a result, which developed into a disgusting PR stunt. For the uninitiated, Ashneer had resigned from his role as managing director of the business after being accused of abusing BharatPe money. To know more about the Shark Tank India season 2 promo, follow our website.


Shark Tank India shark Ashneer Grover shares the Transformation Picture

Ashneer gave a sneak peek into his amazing weight loss progress. Ashneer just released a stunning image of his weight loss journey on his Instagram account. Ashneer was wearing a black t-shirt and beige-colored jeans when the picture was taken. He triumphantly announced that he had shed ten kg while flaunting his flat stomach. He added these words to it: “10 kg less! Just discipline and zidd!” Mr. Grover posted to the website for photo sharing, where his picture received more than 74,000 likes. The responses to Mr. Grover’s post were swift. While some users brought up his infamous remarks from the show, others praised him for his “amazing” weight loss quest. Internet users soon flooded his comment area with messages of admiration for his weight loss change. “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu?” was written in the comments section by YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. – an allusion to one of Mr. Grover’s well-known remarks on Shark Tank India. One person said, “Consistency leads to progress.” Another said, “Inspiration of my life.” A third said, “Ye sab dogalapan hai,” in jest. Another said only, “Good work!” One user wrote, “Bhai kya kar raha hai yaar…Mazaak kya hai.” One of his fans also poked fun at his earlier comments, writing, “Sir you said that Indian people want tasty food, they don’t eat healthy food whereas you have lost 10 kgs !! Yeh toh doglapan hua na.” Mr. Grover has been on a weight-loss journey He has frequently discussed the difficulties he encountered while attempting to maintain his health. He even provided another weight-loss update earlier and said that “eating healthy and walking kilometers” was the reason for it.

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Ashneer Grover Shark Tank India Judge Stir Controversy with BhatarPe

Until 2017, Ashneer Grover served as the instant delivery startup Grofers’ Chief Financial Officer. Grofers is now known as Blinkit. He then rose to the position of Managing Director of the financial company BharatPe. After becoming involved in controversy at the beginning of this year, he left his position in February. Emails relating to a previous argument between Grover and the MD of Sequoia Capital have also come to light, as have audio recordings of Grover verbally insulting a Kotak Mahindra Bank employee. Then BharatPe reported that Grover and some of his family members had been found guilty of financial fraud following an internal inquiry. “Grover along with his wife had significantly misused company funds. Madhuri Jain was fired by BharatPe on February 23 due to financial misappropriation. Grover quit shortly after that. With the facilitation of more than Rs 3,600 crore in repayments in the first quarterly (April-June period) of FY23, BharatPe has completed one of its highest growth quarters in company history. This represents an increase of 112.0% from the previous quarter.


Shark Tank India Judge Soon to Start a New Venture

According to a Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) document, the contentious former managing director and co-founder of Bharat Pe have formed a new business called Third Unicorn Private Ltd. Grover hinted at the launch of his next business in a tweet he sent out in June on his 40th birthday, writing, “Time to disrupt another sector. Time for the Third Unicorn. Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain incorporated the business on July 6. It is based in Delhi and is categorized as a private limited corporation. Its total paid-up capital is 10,000 and the company has a 20 lakh authorized share capital. Grover is apparently in discussions with international investors about raising money for his new venture.


Will Ashneer Return in Shark Tank India Season 2?

Shark Tank India fans were quite in dilemma about whether all the sharks of season 1 will return to season 2 or not. But a promo dropped by the creators has confirmed that Ashneer and MamaEarth Ghazal Alagh will not return to the show. Whereas other sharks will remain the same. The shooting of the shark tank India season 2 began on August 19 in Mumbai. According to reports, Shark Tank India 2 shot at a suburban studio in Mumbai. On Shark Tank India season 2 release date, no such date is confirmed by the makers. It is assumed that Shark Tank India season 2 premiere will happen in December.


Where can I watch Shark Tank India Season 2 Online?

Viewers can watch Shark Tank India Season 2 full episodes online on SonyLIV. Shark Tank India 2 streaming platform is Sony Entertainment Television and SonyLIV.


Who is new Judge In Shark Tank India Season 2?

Car Dekho Founder Amit Jain Founder is a new judge in the Shark Tank India Season 2.


Who is the new Shark in Shark Tank India Season 2?

Amit Jain is a founder of who will be in Shark Tank India season 2.

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